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CAMO Round Chainring 12-speed Aluminium, musta

ID: 1260339

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Wolf Tooth CAMO Round Chainring 12-speed Aluminium, musta

The Wolf Tooth CAMO aluminium chainring for 12-speed HyperGlide+ chains not only stands out for its aesthetic, super-lightweight finish: thanks to the patented narrow-width design, the ideal 1-speed setup is achieved and the chain is prevented from falling off the chainring. With this setup, your dream of the perfect drive becomes reality!

The winter months in Minneapolis, the production site of the US company, are tough, so this Wolf Tooth CAMO aluminium chainring is designed to be robust and powerful. It is optimised for trouble-free use with the 12-speed HyperGlide+ chain and Wolf Tooth's CAMO Spider. After all, the motto is: We want to ride - and not fiddle with the chain!

In line with Wolf Tooth's quality standards, this product scores with its undisputed design, absolute reliability and high endurance. The patented Drop-Stop Wide-Narrow tooth profile ensures that the chain runs safely in your 1-speed setup. At the same time it prevents mud and dirt from sticking - the result is maximum efficiency! To achieve maximum functionality even under extreme conditions, we recommend the combined use with a clutch rear derailleur (with rear derailleur damping).

Like all high-end custom bodies and unwaveringly robust bikes, Wolf Tooth chainrings are manufactured at the company's headquarters in Minnesota, USA. Anodised finish and engraved lettering crown each chainring and are the sign of this excellent craftsmanship. If you are a demanding bike enthusiast looking for unsurpassed durable and perfectly functional premium quality for your 1-speed drive - you will find it at Wolf Tooth.

Wolf Tooth has developed the CAMO range (Chainline and Material Optimisation) so that you can replace the original Direct Mount chainring with the Spider/chainring setup if necessary.

By mounting the Spider + Wolf Tooth single chainring you can adjust the chainline to suit your riding habits, achieve greater shifting precision and reduce costs when replacing the chainring. The icing on the cake: The spiders are available in different colours and pimp the look of your bike!


  • Compatible with Wolf Tooth CAMO Spiders. NOT compatible with other chainring mounts!
  • This chainring can only be mounted with the camo spider (sold separately)


MTB-aloittelijat/Tour, Marathon/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Maraton / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro
Reikien lukumäärä: 5 ruuvia
Compatible with Shimano 12-speed Hyperglide+ chains / Compatible only with Shimano 12-speed Hyperglide+ chains!
Vaihteiden lukumäärä edessä: 1-vaihteinenVaihteiden lukumäärä takana: 12-vaihteinen

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