Northwave Extreme MTB Winter GTX Miehet kengät GTX , musta (2016)

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Kokotiedot: Normal Cut

Leikkaus: Normal

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DSC - Double Shield Construction 
Extreme Winter stands out for the revolutionary Double Shield Construction (DSC). The overlap of two different uppers, anatamically integrated with each others and designed to work together, ensure an absolute protection agaist water and cold. The outer layer  blocks the weathered while the inner works by creating a microclimate ideal for the foot. All the benefits of a shoecover, none of the weakness of a shoecover.

Gore-Tex Sierra membrane 
Available on the brand new Extreme Winter, the Gore-Tex Sierra membrane features excellent thermal insulation, making it ideal for your bike rides even in late winter, for those who love challenges. Totally waterproof and breathable, it is also a guarantee of durability boasting a high resistance to abrasion.

Speedlight 3D Sole 
The nylon chassis is filled with fiberglass and co-injected to the outer polished TPU shell. The rubber studs provide excellent grip: you want less weight and more performance so this is exclusively for you.

S.L.W.2 closing system 
The micrometric system S.L.W. 2 (Speed Lace Winch) represents the evolution of the closure system. Maximum precision and modularity. The innovative step by step closure means you can tighten and enlarge the fit in a few moments.
The side button provides a dual function: by pressing, it features a micrometric release and lifting it allows a complete and immediate opening of the shoe. More lightweight and thinner. The dial has been completely redesigned in size and weight, resulting in being significantly lighter and thinner. The external covering in soft touch material also makes the grip more effective.
The ergonomic shape of the S.L.W. 2 ratchet follows the anatomy of the foot to make it really comfortable. The S.L.W. 2 ratchet is easily replaceable. The cables come from the best technology derived from the world of sailing.

  • Lisätietoja koosta: Normaali mitoitus
  • Regular-malli: Rento leikkaus mahdollistaa hyvän liikkuvuuden.
  • Tuotenro: 378809
Käyttötarkoitus MTB
Kausi syksy/talvi
Pohja Speedlight 3D Sole
Kiinnitysmekanismi S.L.W. 2 System, Power Strap
Polkimet shoe type : for click pedals Mountain | Compatibility : SPD
Materiaali Gore-Tex Sierra
Kokotiedot Normal Cut
Leikkaus Normal
vuosimalli 2016
Tuotenro 378809
  • Northwave Extreme Winter GTX MountainBike 02/2015 Winterhandschuhe
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