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Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer (2020)

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The NEO 2 Smart has been equipped with an improved and faster chipset, which enables smoother and more responsive control of the NEO motor. This results in a quieter indoor cycling experience and paves the way for new features. With the new pedal stroke analysis function, power distribution and performance can be improved. A detection sensor has been added to allow the bike trainer to measure the exact position of both legs.

The familiar features of the NEO Smart are still available. Like Road Feel, with which you can experience the vibrating feeling of riding on cobblestones, gravel and many other road surfaces (in Tacx Films and Zwift). And this exciting feeling of accelerating into a descent after reaching the top of a mountain is simulated with Descent Simulation. Like the NEO, it is equipped with dynamic inertia. In contrast to the mass inertia of a flywheel, the dynamic inertia compensates for weight, speed and tilt angle, significantly improving the riding experience. With the isoconical and isotonic training modes, you train with a fixed force or speed to improve your pedal stroke. These modes are available for free in the Tacx Utility App.

This trainer is equipped with the same powerful resistance unit as the NEO, can simulate inclines of up to 25% and sprints up to 2200 watts. What distinguishes the NEO series from other trainers is the maximum resistance when cycling at low speeds, small gears and very steep climbs. Enables realistic hill climb simulations. One of the main advantages is that no maintenance or calibration is required. Unlike all other indoor trainers and direct drives, there are no physical transmissions (like a belt) or other internal or external factors influencing power measurement. It accurately measures your power over the entire operating range within 1% and ensures that the data is accurate and reliable.

The NEO 2 Smart is a fully interactive Smart-Trainer. It measures speed, cadence and performance and can be controlled by Tacx and third-party applications. This trainer does not require an external energy source as it generates energy through the movement of the bicycle. So you can train anywhere, like on holiday or in a training camp! Its frame allows a few degrees of movement to the left and right while cycling, so that it follows the natural movement of the body and improves the riding experience. The frame can easily be folded to a small size. When folded, the legs serve as handles for easy transport. By supplying this direct drive trainer with additional axle adapters, axle compatibility has been significantly increased.


  • Flywheel: Dynamic inertia
  • Max. Resistance: 2200 W
  • Performance Accuracy: <1%
  • Max. simulated gradient: 25%
  • Mass inertia: Variable up to 125 kg
  • Power supply: 110-240 V
  • Control: interactive
  • Wireless connections: Bluetooth and ANT+
  • suitable cassettes: Shimano and SRAM: 8- to 11-speed, Campagnolo freewheel body sold separately
  • Suitable axles: road bike 130 mm, MTB 135 mm, 142x12mm, 148x12 mm
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Includes front wheel support  
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