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Syntace NumberNine2 Titan Polkimet , musta

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The best MTB pedal, we have ever heard of. We have been able to further improve the Syntace “Butterfly” pedal design and thus optimized it for riding in the most extreme terrain. The highly demanded edges at the bottom of the pedal have been rounded off in order to minimize the risk of getting stuck at rocks or roots. Additionally, Syntace was in the position to arrange the pins in a new way to improve the overall grip standing on the pedal even further. Not sparing any efforts: This was our mantra in order to design the most stable and lightest flat pedal with the best power delivery possible.

100% ball bearing design, period
Physics applied consequently: ball bearings, particularly under pressure, produce less friction than plain bearings. This is true, as plain bearing designs tend to suffer from dirt entering the system more than ball bearing designs. As a consequence, Syntace use high-strength precision ball bearings in all three parts of the NumberNine pedal. For you as a rider, this means one thing for sure: you receive highly efficient pedals that work successively better the harder you ride.

Whoever designs durable, may design lightweight
As opposed to common extrusion press profile designs made from 6061 Aluminium or even Magnesium that tend to crack when hitting obstacles, the NumberNine2 is manufactured with a mono-bloc design made from aeronautically approved 7075 T6 Aluminium. All bridges and cross reinforcements of the NumberNine2 are based on actual engineering findings without any modern design gimmicks as found elsewhere on the market. This is what makes the pedal almost indestructible when out on the trail. A high-strength Titanium axle that has been approved by the Syntace own test procedures keeps the pedal together boasting with a maximum load of up to 500 kg per pedal. They have not seen a single pedal break apart in the past! When hit from the side, the force of a crash is delivered to a special end stop cap rather than to the vulnerable bearings.

The result
sensational 285 g (size M, including 44 pins and grease filling)! The 44 pins of the tread sit on a slightly higher, concave platform. The pins in the middle sit somewhat lower, while the eight pins on the outside are placed on slightly raised bridges without any notches.

Steel-Alloy mapping
The NumberNine Titanium comes with 44 Aluminium pins (44 Aluminium 7075 T6) incl. one spare pin. On top of this, it comes with a specially designed screwdriver that allows to exchange the pins quickly. This is how you can not only vary the number of pins very easily, but also exchange Aluminium pins with Steel pins in particularly exposed areas of the pedal. The optional Syntace Steel pins as well as Aluminium spare pins can be ordered (in packs of 10 each) at your Syntace dealer.

Fitting pins
NumberNine Pins Aluminium 7075 - Effective Length: 4.2 mm, 10 pcs., Weight: 2.4 g
NumberNine Pins Stahl CroMo - Effective Length: 4.2 mm, 10 pcs., Weight: 5.9 g

An individual pedal size for every rider
The Syntace NumberNine2 is the first ever pedal that is available in no less than three different, proportionally adapted sizes. This is why a pedal is not to fit a standard rider, but to every single, individual rider.

Pedal size orientation with weight
Pedal size s for shoe size 35 - 42 / 271 g
Pedal size M for shoe size 38 - 45 / 285  g
Pedal size L for shoe size 43 - 50 / 301 g

Apart from the shoe size, the pedal size depends on the actual size of the shoe sole, the riding position on the pedal and eventually the riding purpose.

GreaseGun ready
The incorporated and dirt protected Syntace Grease Port as well as the further improved open bearing design allow for a greasing of the pedal within seconds. This leads to a multi-times prolonged durability compared to conventionally greased ball bearings designs.

Maritn Wilke: "Definitely the best pedal I've ever used!"

Lisätietoja overall height: 15.4 mm (without a pin)
Käyttötarkoitus MTB
Tyyppi flat-poljin
Materiaali Poljin: 7075-T6
Toimituksen sisältö Toimitussisältö: Pedals, 44 Alu-Pins 7075 T6 (incl. 1 spare pin), one screwdriver
Sukupuoli Unisex
vuosimalli 2017
Tuotenro 490633
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