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Sweet Protection Memento RIG Photochromic Aurinko-/urheilulasit, musta

ID: 1702187

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Valitettavasti haluttu tuote on tällä hetkellä loppuunmyyty

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Sweet Protection Memento RIG Photochromic Aurinko-/urheilulasit, musta (rig photochromic/matte crystal black)

The Memento RIG Reflect from Sweet Protection represents the progressive and casual style of this sports performance eye wear collection. Poor visibility should never again prevent you from your plans. This model features Sweet Protection's unique proprietary RIG lens technology, and also has photochromic properties, allowing the lenses to automatically adjust to changing light conditions.
The Memento is characterized by its large frame that encloses the cylindrical lens, but is slightly thinner and lighter than the other models. The frame and temples of the Memento are rigid and stable, and thanks to the wider fit creates more space between the lens and the eyes for greater comfort. The Memento offers excellent integration with all our helmets, and the temples are designed to be as little noticeable as possible, maximizing comfort. A hard case, a microfiber bag and three different nose pieces are also included to ensure an optimal fit.

RIG Technology
Lens technology developed in-house by Sweet Protection for superior contrast sharpness and minimal color distortion, largely preventing premature eye fatigue.

Photochrome lenses
Self-tinting lenses, also known as photochrome lenses, are lenses that react to UV radiation. Self-tinting lenses eliminate the need to change glasses or lenses. The glasses quickly adapt to the local conditions and the prevailing light conditions. This is an enormous advantage, especially when cycling.


  • Excellent field of vision
  • 1.8 mm cylindrical disc with high impact resistance
  • Hard coating on both sides of the disc for easy cleaning and durability
  • Large frame: robust, fatigue resistant, lightweight, wider fit dorm
  • RIG: Retina Illumination Grading Technology
  • RIG lens technology with photochromic properties


Protection Level

Protection Index enligt Standard EN1938 

0 - For cloudy days the lens is colourless 

1 - Suitable for weak sunlight through an otherwise cloudy sky 

2 - Medium lenses for normal sunlight 

3 - Strong sunlight (alpine and marine), often dark lenses 

4 - High Alpine and marine environment. Very dark lenses, not suitable for driving!


Cyclocross, Gravel, Tour / Cross Country, Maraton / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro
Miehet, Naiset
Keskeiset tiedot
Jäätikölle sopiva:
Linssin muoto:
Lasin/linssin tyyppi:
0-3: 8 - 100 % valonläpäisy
TR90 polyamide frame
Soft, non-slip co-moulded inserts at the temple ends
silmälasipussi, silmälasikotelo, varanenätyynyt
Linssien nimi:
Rig photochromic
0-3: 8 - 100 % valonläpäisy
100 % UV-suoja:
Automaattisella linssisävyllä
Muita huomioita:
2.2 mm toric lens, oleophobic and hydrophobic lens coating

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