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Skins A400 Compression Miehet Lyhythihainen juoksupaita , harmaa

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In order to be the best you have to wear the best and you don’t get much better than the Skins A400 Men’s Short Sleeve Tops. They've been designed with your performance and comfort in mind. New Adaptive Technology will keep you feeling warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm while our Dynamic Gradient Compression ensures that your upper body is getting the right amount of compression around your core for much needed stability and support.

For extra comfort and durability we've added A-Seams, which are up to 30 % stronger than standard seaming and they're flatter too so there’s no risk of chafing.

Stay cool, calm and collected! A redesigned neckline allows for a comfortable fit while the stretch airflow mesh under your arms provides freedom of movement and increased breathability. In addition, a silicone gripper on the hem will stop the A400 Men's Short Sleeve Top from riding up so you can concentrate on your training without having to continually pull your top back down.

Be seen at night with our premium glass bead, 360-degree reflectivity that comes alive in low light to keep you safe and seen.Throw in our warp knit fabric construction for optimum compression control and durability and you have yourself the ideal compression top for your next workout.

400 FIT
3D body scan data and 400 key fitting points have been used to create a more precise and comfortable fit to maximise compression benefits.

Dynamic Gradient Compression
Skins most advanced compression technology increases muscle oxygenation, stabilises active muscles and reduces blood lactate build up, to enhance performance and speed up recovery time.

Muscle Focus
Biomechanically positioned panels and seams support and stabilise the muscles to reduce fatigue and risk of injury.

50+ UV Protection
Skins proven 50+ UV protection.

Warp Knit
Skins compression fabric is made from a warp knitted mix of yarns that give you a carefully calculated level of stretch for controlled compression and durability.

Moisture Management
Moisture wicking fabric draws sweat away from the body to the surface of the garment where it evaporates to keep you dry.

Adaptive bei Heiq
At low temperatures, the unique polymer binds moisture in its structure keeping you feeling warm and dry. As your temperature increases it changes its properties, releasing stored moisture to the surface where it evaporates and cools your skin.

Ultimate comfort is delivered through flexible, flatter A-Seams. It's sleek construction, specially developed for technical athletic wear, means the A-Seam sits flat against your body to eliminate chafing and they're 30% stronger than a standard stich making your SKINS super tough.

360 Degree Reflectivity
The logos are all made from premium reflective glass bead technology. By day, it's sleek looking graphics but in low light they come alive with powerful reflectivity.


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  • Vartalonmyötäinen, urheilullinen leikkaus
Kauluksen tyyppi: Round neck
Tyyppi: Short-sleeved shirt
Käyttötarkoitus: Multisport
Vaatteen käyttötarkoitus: aluskerrasto/tekninen kerros
Malli: Narrow sporty
Hihan muoto: Raglan arm
Materiaali: 76 % polyamidi, 24 % spandex
ympärivuotiseen käyttöön
Saumojen tyyppi: litteät saumat
nopeasti kuivuva: kyllä
Sisältää kompressio-ominaisuuden.: kyllä
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