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SIGMA SPORT ROX GPS 12.0 Sport Navigointilaite , harmaa (2019)

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SIGMA SPORT ROX GPS 12.0 Sport Navigointilaite , harmaa
SIGMA SPORT ROX GPS 12.0 Sport Navigointilaite , valkoinen
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The GPS bike computer combines innovative map navigation and a professional training system with a clearly structured operating concept and exceptionally strong hardware. Large buttons and graphics on the touch display guide you intuitively through the menu. Similar to the smartphone, the user can return to the start menu at any time by pressing the Home button. With further buttons below and at the side of the display, operation is also possible without problems with gloves. A WiFi interface, a detailed map with fast routing and numerous training functions make the ROX 12.0 the ideal training and tour companion.

Innovative map navigation
No matter whether address entry, entering coordinates, searching for a "Point of Interest" or simply setting a freely selected point on the map. The routing options are versatile and flexible. It is possible to add waypoints to an existing route. Existing waypoints can also be skipped during the tour. The "Draw my Route" function offers a unique navigation feature with a surprise effect. The ROX 12.0 creates the suitable route from a hand-painted line on the map. This can be saved as a track or started directly. There are always three options to choose from when creating the route. The user has the choice between the easiest, recommended and shortest route. Preferences regarding the paths (cycle paths, roads, dirt roads) are defined beforehand in the sports profile. 20 European countries are already pre-installed on the ROX 12.0. More maps worldwide can be downloaded for free.

Professional training system
The training views of the ROX 12.0 offer maximum flexibility. Up to six screens can be freely configured on the device. Depending on how many values should be displayed per page (1-10), the user gets different suggestions for the layout. A total of 30 training views are available. The computer can be quickly adapted to the wishes of its user. The focus here is on the sports profile, which can be used to define not only the training views but also the sensors and various routing options for each bike individually. In addition to the specific power values such as TSS, NP and IF, the ROX 12.0 also offers the extended values OCA and OCP of a Rotor 2INpower. In addition to the numeric, a graphical representation is available. Thanks to ANT+ and BLE, the ROX 12.0 SPORT connects to the well-known sensors and thus offers a multitude of functions and information.

WiFi connectivity
Via the WiFi interface it is possible to transfer tours and segments from the portals Strava, Komoot, GPSies directly to the ROX 12.0. Own tracks from the DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK App are also transmitted via WiFi via the SIGMA CLOUD. As soon as the user is logged in to the training portals once, data transmission via WiFi is automatic. The training data is also directly available in the SIGMA CLOUD and can be synchronized with the SIGMA LINK App and the DATA CENTER. If there is no network nearby, your mobile phone can also serve as a WiFi hotspot.

Strong hardware
The bright display of the ROX 12.0 is perfectly adapted to outdoor use. Whether in strong sunlight or low light incidence, the data can be easily read at any time and even without backlighting. The touch display can be operated reliably in all situations. It can detect rain, which prevents blocking by drops.

Individual design
In addition to the standard colours "gray" and "white", other coloured trays are available as accessories. Each ink tray is supplied with key sets in all three colours.


  • Navigation functions: Time to destination, estimated time of arrival, route to destination, direction of travel, map, turn-by-turn directions (visual and audible)
  • Routing profile setting: MTB 80%, 10% cycle paths, 10% road - depending on the route generated
  • Drink/eating alarm on consumption after 500 kcal
  • Preferences for paths can be defined: Main roads, Unpaved paths, Cycle paths
  • Detailed OSM maps, pre-installed maps of Europe, free download of maps worldwide
  • Templates for training views: 30; Individually configurable training views: up to 6 pages
  • Individually adjustable sport profiles: Unlimited (depending on available storage capacity)
  • 9 routing options: Address, Draw my Route, Point of Interest, Map, Last Destinations, Favourites, Tracks, Activities, Coordinates
  • 3 suggested routes per routing: Recommended, Simple, Short
  • Connectivity: Wifi and ANT+
  • Synchronisation of training data to DATA CENTER and SIGMA LINK App via SIGMA CLOUD
  • Transfer of tracks (.GPX file format) via Micro-USB
  • Sensors: GPS, Glonass, 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, ambient light sensor
  • Watertightness to IP67 standard
  • Up to 40 hours battery life in power save mode
  • Strava Live segments can be set up as part of the display / comparison with other drivers possible
  • Further coloured shells for changing as optional accessory
  • Status Functions: GPS accuracy, sunrise and sunset
  • Strava Live Segments (with Premium-Account) playable
käsilaite karttanäytöllä  
Mitat (L x K x S)
59 x 115 x 17  mm
Tyyppi: värillinen kosketusnäyttö
Näytön halkaisija: 3 tuuma
Resoluutio: 240 x 400 pikseli
125  g
vettä hylkivä: kyllä  
Tyyppi: micro SD (max. 128 GB)  
karttanäyttö: kyllä
Peruskartta sisältyy toimitukseen.: kyllä
Karttojen lisääminen mahdollista: kyllä
Kilometrinäyttö: kokonaiskilometrit, jäljellä olevat kilometrit, kilometrit päivässä
Näytönvalo: kyllä
Varmistustoiminto: kyllä
Käynnistys-/Sammutustoiminto: kyllä
Hälytystoiminto: kyllä
Nopeusominaisuudet: maksiminopeus km/h, keskimääräinen nopeus km/h, tämänhetkinen nopeus km/h
Aikaominaisuudet: kello, päivämäärä, aikanäyttö 12/24h, kokonaisajoaika
Sykeominaisuudet: syke, keskimääräinen syke, sykkeen mittaus %:na omasta maksimaalisesta sykkeestäsi, maksimisyke, minimisyke
Tehomittaus: ajankohtainen rasitus, keskimääräinen teho, enimmäissuorituskyky
Korkeusmittausominaisuudet: Keskimääräinen kaltevuus, Keskimääräinen gradientti, jyrkkyys %:ssa, enimmäisnousu, todellinen korkeus, grafiikka, nousukulma
Kadenssi: laajennettava
Kadenssitoiminto: keskimääräinen kadenssi, max. kadenssi
Lämpötilannäyttö: kyllä
Muistitoiminnot: kyllä
Muista ominaisuuksia: kokonaiskalonrinkulutus, lämpötila, maksimilämpötila, vähimmäislämpötila
GPS-laitteen ominaisuudet
Säilytystilat: 8000
Sisältää sisäänrakennetun korkeusmittarin.: kyllä
Akkutyyppi: Litium-Ioni-akku
Virtalähde: akku
Akun kesto: 16 h
Akut sisältyvät toimitukseen.: kyllä
Toimituksen sisältö
Tarvikkeet sisältyvät toimitukseen.: GPS bracket, GPS butler, micro-USB cable, mounting hardware, quick start guide  
USB plug  
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