Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit Spark SpIII makuupussi long left , hopea (2016)

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ULTRA-DRY Down™ protection and warmth in a minimalist package

"When you need a sleeping but don't want to be weighed down by one, what's to be done? Until now you either slowed yourself down with something inadequate or took the spartan option and suffered without. Now the Spark has changed the game completely. Neither comfort nor performance need be sacrificed!" Tim Macartney-Snape

Using the warmth of 850+ loft 90/10 Premium goose down, the amazing moisture protection of ULTRA-DRY Down™, and a micro-weight 10D Nylon shell and 15D lining, we have created one of the best warmth for weight minimalist sleeping bags available.
The Spark is an ultra light bag with many possible uses.

Its balance of size, weight and warmth make it an excellent summer sleeping bag, especially for weight and space conscious cycle tourers and ultra light walkers. It also works well as a liner bag, slipping inside another sleeping bag to add one or two seasons to its rating.

The Spark compresses so small, we had to re-engineer our compression-sacks to make one that reduced sufficiently.

The ULTRA-DRY Down™ protection makes the Spark an impressive hard-alpine or adventure racing sleeping bag, where down has never before been a viable option, and weight is simply not tolerated.

1/3 Zip Mummy

The secrets of the Spark's warmth to weight are in the premium quality down, the 1/3 length light-gauge #3 YKK zip and high performance micro-weight shell and liner fabrics.

The Spark is designed as a close-fitting mummy bag.

The full hood, foot box and short zip maximise fit and warmth while keeping weight and bulk to a minimum.

The Spark I is constructed with sewn-through transverse baffle construction. The Spark II is a hybrid construction with box wall baffles placed over the torso to boost warmth around your core and a sewn-through construction at the legs. A draft tube is sewn over the zip to reduce 'cold spots' in the Spark II and III models. The Spark III is constructed entirely from box wall baffles including the foot-box for even heat retention. The head and neck baffles have been enlarged to trap vital warmth and achieve a lower limit EN rating of minus four degrees.


The sub-zero Spark. Perfect for winter missions where you were previously agonising about not taking a bag at all.

Contoured mummy; 10D nylon shell for minimal weight and bulk; box wall baffle construction throughout and draft tube for optimal warmth; 55/45 fill ratio; differential fill to gradually concentrate warmth over body core; contoured hood with draw-cord; tapered foot-box; 1/3 length YKK #3 side zip; includes lightweight Ultra-Sil® compression bag and a combined storage cell / laundry bag.
  • Down: Ultra-dry down 850 + loft, European goose down
  • adapted mummy cut
  • 10D Pertex quantum case for minimum weight and volume
  • stitched, circular rooms on the legs
  • continuous quilted rooms in the form of box construction for optimal full-body heat
  • Pull cord for optimal full-body heat
  • 55/45 fill balance
  • uneven filling to concentrate heat to the centre of the body
  • Custom hood with drawstring cord
  • cone-shaped foot box
  • 1/3 length YKK #3 side zipper
  • Includes light 15D Ultra-sil compression bag, mesh Storage cell and laundry bag
  • for travel, adventure racing, winter bike, liner bag, ultralight hiking and alpine climbing
  • Compression-capacity: 3.7 L
  • Zipper left side
  • Size (chest, hips, feet): 152, 132, 94 cm
  • Tuotenro: 386093

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Makuupussi Kategoria : höyhenmakuupussi | Muoto : muumiomuotoiltu
Suositeltu lämpötila Ihanteellinen lämpötila : 2 °C | Maalämpötila : -4 °C | Vähimmäislämpötila : -20 °C
Materiaali Pintamateriaali : nailon | Pintamateriaalin yksityiskohdat : 100 % Nylon | Vuorin materiaali : nailon | Vuori materiaalin yksityiskohdat : 100 % Nylon | Täyte : hanhen untuva
Untuvasekoite (untuva/höyhen) 90 / 10
Paino Makuupussi : 690 g | Filling : 435 g
Mitat (cm) Body size : 195 cm
Säilytyspussi Kiristysremmeillä : kyllä
Sisältää eläinperäisiä materiaaleja. kyllä
vuosimalli 2016
Tuotenro 386093
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