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Vivid Air R2C 222x70mm Tune mid/mid, musta

ID: 404730

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    • musta
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RockShox Vivid Air R2C 222x70mm Tune mid/mid, musta

The new Vivid Air weighs 400 g less than the Vivid Coil and is so incredibly light that other downhill shocks will not dare to look in the mirror. But don't let it’s slim line fool you. It's anything but lightweight. Thanks to a brand new air suspension system, this damper takes on the most demanding courses in the World Cup circuit, combining the constant and smooth feel of a steel spring with the adjustability and unmatched weight savings of an air spring. The result: a damper that sets new standards in downhill performance.

Counter measure
Designed for the best of you, the new Vivid offers some features that were once considered impossible. With technologies like Counter Measure, which reduces the shock's breakaway resistance to virtually zero, small shocks are transformed into a butter-soft track with perfect traction.

Dual flow adjust
DFA is a bit like Glam Metal. Two things that don't really fit together at all, but which harmonize magically. Suppose you are driving on a course with monstrous descents and countless blows that slow you down. Normally you would have to adjust your suspension fork to one of the two characteristics. But here RockShox DFA refuses to do so and uses its independent dual damping circuits to be prepared for both. This absorbs heavy shocks and the ride is still soft enough for the small blows - just like make-up and metal.

Rapid recovery
Who would not wish for a greater spring travel for successive strokes? Thanks to the Rapid Recovery System, the damper returns to its original position more quickly after successive strokes, allowing the wheel to grip the ground more precisely. This more active damping system won’t fail and provides a ride with higher and softer spring hardness. With Rapid Recovery, the rider benefits from greater suspension travel for a smoother and more controlled ride on every hit.


  • Counter messure technology, damper breakaway torque practically zero
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MTB-aloittelijat/Tour, Marathon/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Downhill/Freeride, Dirt/BMX
Keskeiset tiedot
Tyyppi/Käyttötarkoitus: downhill/freerideRebound: Kyllä, säädettäväPreload: Kyllä, säädettäväNapa: 70 mm
Jousituksen tyyppi
Tyyppi: Ilma
Asennuspituus (mm): 222
Varren materiaali: 7075 AluminiumKuoren materiaali: alumiini
Tyyppi: Öljy-ilmaSäädettävyys: rebound, painetaso, ilmanpaine
586 g

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