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Ridley Bikes

Ridley Bikes Kanzo C ADV Rival1 HD, camo green/orange (2020)

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3 199,00 €
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About the Kanzo
The Kanzo is the Ridley Gravel bike that meets the needs of the ever-growing Gravel market. The tyre clearance (700 x 47 mm) makes this frame future-proof. For an extreme sense of adventure, you can even lift the wheel up to 50 mm by using the 650B wheels and tyres. Additional bottle mounts on the fork, top tube and down tube give you the flexibility you need to transport bottles while stowing all your remaining luggage in the bike bags. By fitting a luggage rack or mudguard, this bike can easily be transformed into a true bikepacking machine.

The flex zones in the rear struts provide extra comfort by filtering the vibrations from various surfaces you encounter on your adventures. All cables run inside through the frame to prevent dirt and water from affecting the shifting performance.

About the Kanzo range
Gravel is the new one in the federation and enjoys rapidly increasing popularity. Is there a better combination than "discovering" and "cycling"? The developers at Ridley don't believe it. Ridley makes a bike that makes a great mix. A coincidence? With a Gravel bike, you can ride any terrain at your own pace. But why the name "Kanzo"?

Kanzo, or Canzo, is a term that goes back to the times of the troubadours - singers and poets in the Middle Ages. They were people who travelled a lot and had all sorts of adventures to make stories about knights and even love stories. After returning to their village, they told the inhabitants about their adventures. There were three genres. The most common was "Kanzo/Canzo". So the troubadours moved whole communities, the people hung on their lips.

Ridley Carbon
The developers at Ridley place the highest demands on themselves. This starts with the selection of raw materials. They only use the best quality carbon material available from Toray. Toray is the world's leading carbon manufacturer and primarily supplies the aerospace industry. Ridley's use of high stiffness carbon varies from the most flexible 24K fabric, which gives the frame flexibility and comfort, to the 60K fabric, the stiffest that they process.

In developing the carbon products, the developers work strictly according to the principle "form follows function" down to the last detail. When Ridley develops a frame, they first analyze the exact function it must perform - how it is used, how it must feel in any situation. They then design the shape of the frame, paying attention to the exact curves, lines, and different thicknesses of each tube. Finally comes the carbon scrim. Combining the carbon qualities to get the right feel from the bike is like assembling the most complicated 3D puzzle game. Usually there are hundreds of carbon pieces that are assembled in several dozen layers.

Once this puzzle is complete, you have a piece that is perfectly suited to your future task. Each one of the carbon bikes is an example of this extreme attention to detail.

Disc brakes
Disc brakes are one of the latest pioneering developments in road cycling. They give you that extra bit of safety every time you ride, because you know you can stop immediately if you need to. They are equally reliable in all weather conditions. The ease of braking is a real plus, especially when your hands are ice-cold and hardly able to move. Just a light pull on the brake lever to reduce speed. And because no brake pads rub on the rim flanks during braking, wear on the rims is also reduced. Fortunately, this increases the mileage of your wheelset.

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Vaihteiden kokonaismäärä
Paino (noin)
8.82  kg
Toimituksen sisältö
Sis. polkimet: Nee  
Rakenne: Gravel
Materiaalityyppi: Carbon
Rakenne: Starre Vork
Tyyppi: 4ZA Oryx Disc 12TA
Vaihteiston tyyppi: Kettingschakeling
Vaihteiden lukumäärä: 11
Merkki: Sram
Tyyppi: Rival
Malli: Sram Rival  
Malli: Rotor Vegast, 172.5 mm
Eturatas 1: 42 hampaat
Vaihteisto Hammaspyörä (hammasta): 11-42 hampaat
Malli: Sram PG-1130
Merkki: Sram
Tyyppi: Rival
Jarrusysteemi: Schijfrem
Merkki: Sram
Tyyppi: Rival
Jarrusysteemi: Schijfrem
Malli: Sram Rival HD  
Rakenne: Racestuur
Malli: 4ZA Cirrus E.2
Malli: 4ZA Str Stem / 100  
Selle Italia X-LR AIR-Cross Light  
Halkaisija: 27.2 mm
Tyyppi: 4ZA Cir 7DE SP; length: 350 mm
Malli: Fulcrum RAC 700 DB Center Lock  
Malli: TA 12 x 100 mm  
Malli: TA 12 x 142 mm  
Koko (tuumaa): 28
Malli: WTB Riddler, 700x45, TCS
Koko (tuumaa): 28
Malli: WTB Riddler, 700x45, TCS
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