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P.A.C. Reflector Monikäyttöhuivi, total black (2020)

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P.A.C. Reflector Monikäyttöhuivi, total black
P.A.C. Reflector Monikäyttöhuivi, neon yellow
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P.A.C. Reflector Monikäyttöhuivi, total black
P.A.C. Reflector Monikäyttöhuivi, ritque
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The Reflector Multitube from P.A.C. is a multi-functional hose cloth with reflective 3MTM ScotchliteTM elements, so that you can be seen better by car drivers even at dusk or in poor light conditions, e.g. when jogging or cycling.

The P.A.C. reflector is made in Germany and is seamlessly manufactured from high quality microfibre. Thanks to its high functionality, it offers many application and carrying possibilities. The antibacterial equipment of the P.A.C. reflector inhibits the formation of germs and odours. Its breathability and elasticity are important features that contribute to its outstanding wearing comfort. The P.A.C. Reflector is equipped with UV and wind protection. As moisture is optimally transported to the outside, it is also thermoregulatory - ideal for use in poor light conditions during the dark season.

Wearing instructions P.A.C. as an everyday mask: You start with the P.A.C. Tube and simply pull the multifunctional cloth completely over your head and up to your neck. Then you grab the upper end of the multifunctional cloth with both hands and pull it over your chin, mouth and then your nose. You can then run your fingers along the edge of the P.A.C. Shawl and pull it into place for excellent comfort. The P.A.C. Everyday Sports Mask is now ready.


It is absolutely necessary for every road user to be noticed in time - especially in bad visibility conditions. The 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material helps to be detected early in twilight and darkness to prevent serious accidents. It also stands for high quality and perfected benefits for the end user. This is guaranteed by the brand 3M™ Scotchlite™ and maintained by constant quality controls.

100 % Microfibre
The P.A.C. Original is made of 100% microfibre, which has noticeable advantages on the skin. Microfibre is much thinner than a comparable garment made of polyester and therefore does not weigh down. The pleasantly soft feel and the absence of additional non-ecological materials, such as elastane or lycra, is particularly important in the neck and head area.

Seamless and Stretchy
Thanks to the seamless design, the P.A.C. Wonder Cloth can be worn in many variations on the entire head - without leaving any pressure marks. Also, the use under a riding or motorcycle helmet is possible. Thanks to a specially developed knitting process, the P.A.C. is highly stretchable and still does not wear out.

The P.A.C. Original is thermoregulating using a very thin microfiber. Thanks to a special knitting process in combination with the refined microfibre, the cloth absorbs perspiration and moisture well and releases them directly back into the environment.

UV & Wind Protection
The P.A.C. Original is the perfect companion for all weather conditions. The integrated UV & wind protection protects the neck and head area during all outdoor activities.

Odor Control
With SilverPlus, P.A.C. has also chosen one of the world's leading products for the antibacterial finishing. Of course, P.A.C. also attaches great importance to the use of ecologically harmless materials in this area, thus creating an antibacterial cloth that counteracts the formation of odours and germs.

Highly breathable
Due to the thin material, the P.A.C. cloth is very breathable and therefore does not weigh down. This makes it a useful accessory for sports and leisure even on hot summer days.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100
It is particularly important to avoid harmful substances, as the products are worn directly on the body as the first layer. Production according to German standards and the avoidance of unnecessary transport routes protects the environment. For the safety of P.A.C. employees and the customer, not only the product itself but also all 9 complex production steps were certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. All P.A.C. textiles are regularly tested for harmful substances by independent institutes to ensure that the products not only feel good but are also 100% skin-friendly.


  • Can be used as hair band, mask, hood, scarf, headband, balaclava, pirate scarf
  • With additional 3M Scotchlite reflector strips for more visibility
  • refined on an ecological basis
  • Head circumference: one size fits all adult
  • Hyvä kosteudensiirto iholta.
  • Valmistettu Saksassa
monikäyttöinen liina  
kokovuotiseen käyttöön  
100 % polyesteri  
Hajunvastainen hoito: Hopeasuola: Tätä tuotetta on käsitelty hopeasuolalla, joka on hajua estävä biosidi sen antibakteeristen ominaisuuksien ansiosta.  
Ominaisuudet: Hajuja hylkivä, saumaton, Heijastavat yksityiskohdat, UV-suojattu, Hengittävä
Mitat P x L: Cloth size ca 24 cm wide, 50 cm high  
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Ik heb er niet op gelet of er verschillende maten waren, want ik heb misschien een te groot hoofd, of ik weet niet goed hoe het moet, maar het is wat lastig om als balaclava of sahariane goed over het hoofd te krijgen.

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