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Lupine Piko RX 7 Otsalamppu (2019)

ID: 878649
389,95 €
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Small high-tech wonder
The Piko headlamp is extremely small and light, but also robust and bright enough for any extreme situation. Piko - that's 1800 lumens the size of a matchbox.

Product Features - FL1 Standard
IP 68 (water resistance) and IK 09 (impact resistance): The Piko X meets the highest industry standards. The FL1 standard is an ANSI/NEMA standard to make product specifications from different lamp manufacturers comparable.

Smaller, lighter, brighter
Lupine wanted a lamp head so small and light that you could wear it comfortably on your head for hours and at the same time a lamp that would give you enough light for extreme conditions and fast descents. This is Piko. The latest generation of Piko lamphead has 1800 lumens and weighs just 55 grams. Such high performance in this compact size is unmatched.

A bright brain
The intelligent control electronics inside the Piko regulate luminosity in real time. It protects the lamp from overheating and ensures maximum lumens in every situation. The high-quality aluminum body milled from a single piece looks damn good and makes the Piko an extremely robust technological wonder.

Total control - with Bluetooth
There are situations where you want to point a finger to your head - but you don't have to. With the newly integrated Bluetooth module, you no longer control the Piko R just by pressing the button directly on the lamp head, but now also by Bluetooth remote control or free mobile phone app.

Individually adjustable
The Piko lamphead gives you a choice of five pre-programmed light modes. At the touch of a button, you can easily switch between 2-stage, 3-stage, 4-stage, ECO and RVLR modes. Additional functions like SOS or the alpine emergency signal are also available.

With the FrontClick rapid-change system you are more flexible than ever. Turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or change your lamp head from one helmet to the next in seconds, without tools.

FastClick battery holder
With the specially developed FastClick system, you can carry your battery directly on your headband and swap it for the next one within seconds.

Battery technology
The Piko RX 7 contains one 6,9 Ah FastClick SmartCore battery with capacity indicator and integrated rear light.


  • IP 68 (dust and watertight), IK 09 (impact strength)
  • Akku automaattisilla toiminnoilla mm. sammutus yli- tai alijännityksessä
  • Color temperature: 6000K (5% tolerance)
  • For use at ambient temperatures of -30 to 70 Â ° C
  • Cell type: LG MJ1186150
  • Capacity display: 10 % accurate via 5 Hyper Red LEDs
  • Kynttilänvaloefekti 0,3 W
  • Charging time: 330 min
  • Housing Lamp head made of CNC-milled aluminium 6061-T6, shot-peened, hard-anodised
Tyyppi: otsalamppu
Käyttötarkoitus: vuoristo-olosuhteisiin, telttailu
Virtalähde: Akku
Materiaali: Illuminant: 2-part Cree XM-L2 U4; Lens: 22 ° Optics (Collimated Lens Technology)
Valon kantama: 240 m
Valon tehokkuus: 1800 lm
Valaisumoodit: 6
Valaisun kesto (h): 2.5-160 h
Teho (W): 20  watti
LED:valojen lukumäärä: 2
Kiinnitys: Headband Lupine Piko FastClick
Koko (P x L x K): Illuminant: 34 x 42 x 25 mm/ Battery: 79 x 41 x 48 mm cm
Paino: 330 g
Toimituksen sisältö
FrontClick headband, Piko lamp head R, Bluetooth radio, radio holder, 6.9 Ah SmartCore battery, 120 cm extension, Wiesel charger, Pouch M, manual  
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