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Lupine Blika RX 4 Otsalamppu, black (2020)

ID: 878661
369,95 €
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One lamp, for each of your adventures
Incredible 2100 lumens, close and high beam function, red and green light, a soft reading light and the brand new FrontClick exchange system make the Blika the most versatile lamp Lupine has ever designed.

Product Features - FL1 Standard
Water and impact resistant: The FL1 standard is a set of ANSI/NEMA rules to compare product specifications from various lamp manufacturers.

There are lamps for running, lamps for climbing, lamps for biking and there is one for just any of your adventures: when developing the Blika, Lupine asked themselves what a lamp has to be capable of to support as wide a spectrum of nighttime activities as possible and combined the experience from all these segments in a single lamp - the Blika.

Low or high beam
For fast rides or difficult terrain, you want plenty of light and as wide and homogeneous a light pattern as possible. In order to achieve a high range at the same time, the Blika combines the light image of a Piko, which has been popular for years, with a strongly focused, switchable spot in the middle.

Red and green light
Special applications require special light. The Blika has an integrated red and green light that can be adjusted in steps.

Two buttons - full control
With so many functions, the focus was also on direct operation as much as possible, so that an innovative operating system with two independently assignable buttons was designed. This gives you access to all light levels and special functions in every situation.

remote control
With the new Blika's 2-button Bluetooth remote control, it's now even easier to switch between light levels and special functions. You can choose between two different operating concepts. As with a gear shift, you can switch between light levels in a flash or use one of the buttons for the main light and the other for direct control of the special functions, such as red or green light.

Lupine Light Control 2.0
The exclusive app of the new Blika R offers even more options: you put your light levels and special functions on the desired button. You save your settings, create individual profiles for your activities and simply reuse them when you need them again. So you're perfectly equipped for any of your sports - just select your created profile and light it up.

With the FrontClick quick-change system, you're more flexible than ever. Turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or change your lamp head from one helmet to the next in seconds, without tools.

Diffuse reading and camping light
Lupines are known for a lot of light, but there are situations, such as camping in a tent, where less light is simply more. The Blika has a dimmable reading light function precisely for this purpose.

Battery technology
The Blika RX 4 contains a 3,5 Ah FastClick battery without display.


  • Battery use: with Velcro or in the jersey or backpack
  • Ambient temperature: -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Lamphead housing made of CNC-milled aluminium 6061-T6, shot peened, hard anodised
  • Candlelight function: Diffuse reading and camping light
  • Protection class: IP68 (watertightness), IP09 (impact resistance)
  • Illuminant: 2x Cree XM-L2, XQ-E HI (4x white, 1x green, 1x red)
  • Colour temperature: 6000K (5% tolerance) headlight


Lupine Blika RX 4 - trekking 08/2018, Trekking Kaufberatung: Powerleuchten für Trekking-Abenteuer
Tyyppi: otsalamppu
Käyttötarkoitus: telttailu, vuoristo-olosuhteisiin
Virtalähde: Akku
Valon kantama: 300 m
Valon tehokkuus: 2100 lm
Valaisumoodit: 5
Valaisun kesto (h): 1.05-12
Teho (W): 22  
LED:valojen lukumäärä: 3
Kiinnitys: Headband with FastClick system
Koko (P x L x K): Lamp head: 35 x 51 x 33 mm/ Battery: 72 x 40 x 22 mm
Paino: 250 g
Toimituksen sisältö
Fast/FrontClick headband, Bluetooth radio (2-way button), lamp head Blika R, radio holder, 3.5 Ah FastClick battery, Wiesel charger, manual  
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