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HAIBIKE Sduro HardNine 4.0 sähköpyörä, li-ion 29" , hopea

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The Sduro Nine / Seven eBikes are the optimal choice for those looking for an eMTB for easy terrain or tours. The wide variety of bikes and the attractive price-performance ratio make this series one of the most successful worldwide.


Yamaha PW Drive Unit
The Yamaha PW unit is proven to be a powerful and reliable motor. Thanks to its Zero-Cadence system, it supports the rider from the first revolution of the crank. As one of the few motors available allowing a dual chainring, the Yamaha system is able to offer a broad range of gears providing more gear options out on the trails. Given its high maximum torque of up to 80Nm, its compact size, and its low noise, the Yamaha PW is one of the best eBike systems for sporty use.

Yamaha LED Display
The Yamaha LED display is a compact yet robust display and remote unit. Despite its small size, it provides the rider with all essential information. Positioned on the left of the handlebars, the remote is easily accessible​. Information available includes: the selection and display of the support levels (Off, Eco+, Eco, Standard, High), the current speed, the battery charge level, and the remaining range. The display also allows you to switch on and off of the main light.

Conventional eBike motors sit low in the frame and run the risk of being damaged by strikes to the underside of your bike. In 2012 HAIBIKE introduced the SkidPlate, a simple protective element that effectively protects the motor from below. Similar to a helmet, the SkidPlate protects the motor from damage and is strong enough to absorb even the hardest of strikes that would otherwise damage the motor. HAIBIKE uses a special, impact-resistant plastic that is able to perfectly distribute force and withstand deformation of its shape. Unlike metal, which would bend permanently, plastic springs back to its original state. The paint color conceals scratches and damages, and if necessary the SkidPlate can be replaced easily and inexpensively.

Gravity Casting Interface
The centerpiece of the frame: the motor interface. At this connection point many important functions come together: the engine mount, swing arm and shock mounts, and the battery and downtube connection. The more stable the interface is, the more stable the entire frame is. HAIBIKE started using a casting process from the motorcycle industry, gravity casting, in 2010. Negative molds are created from compressed sand, filled with aluminum-zinc alloy, and then rotated along precisely calculated axes. Thanks to gravity, there is uniform thickness throughout the casting. The raw cast aluminum parts are controlled by X-ray analysis and then reworked in a computerized process that ensures a consistently high level of precision, and a finished interface that is low weight and high-strength.

Integrated Motor Concept
The motor is the technological core and defining characteristic of an eBike. Thanks to the Gravity Casting motor interfaces HAIBIKE can integrate the motor in a compact manner without separate mounting plates. This concept reduces the space required to mount the motor and decreases the visual volume of the engine. The SkidPlate is a useful protective device from a technical perspective, but also allows HAIBIKE to optically integrate the motor to make it part of the frame. Unlike other integration concepts, the motor looks like a natural part of the eBike.

Tyyppi E-Bike 25km/h
Käyttötarkoitus Etujousitettu sähkömaastopyörä
Runko Vaimentimen tuotemerkki: ilman vaimenninta | Rakenne: etujousitettu MTB-runko | Materiaalityyppi: Alumiini | Materiaali: 6061 alumiini | Muita huomioita: Gravity Casting, Hydroformed, PM Brake Mount
Moottori Merkki: Yamaha | Malli: PW System | Tyyppi: keskiömoottori | Teho: 250 watt
Paristo Tyyppi: litium-Ion | Energiamäärä: 400 | Akun sijainti: runkoakku
Näyttö Yamaha LED
Laturi Tyyppi: Yamaha 4A -pikalaturi
Etuhaarukka Rakenne: jousitus haarukka | Merkki: Suntour | Tyyppi: XCM RL-DS Remote Lockout, steel spring, quick release
Jousitettu haarukka Jousto: 100 mm
Vaihteisto Vaihteiston tyyppi: Derailleur | Vaihteiden lukumäärä: 9 | Merkki: Shimano | Tyyppi: Acera
Vaihdevipu Merkki: Shimano | Tyyppi: Altus
Kampisarja Tyyppi: FSA Steel Chainring, 38 teeth
Ketjut Merkki: KMC | Tyyppi: X9
Kasetti Merkki: Sram | Vaihteisto: 11 - 34 teeth | Tyyppi: PG920
Etujarrut Merkki: Tektro | Tyyppi: HD-M285 | Jarrusysteemi: Hydraulic disc brake | Jarrulevyn halkaisija: 180 mm
Takajarrut Merkki: Tektro | Tyyppi: HD-M285 | Jarrusysteemi: Hydraulinen levyjarru | Jarrulevyn halkaisija: 180 mm
Jarrukahva Merkki: Tektro | Tyyppi: HD-M285
Ohjaustanko Merkki: Haibike Components | Tyyppi: TheBar, 720mm | Rakenne: Flat-ohjaustanko | Materiaali: Alumiini
Kädensijat XLC Sport ruuvattavat kahvat
Ohjainkannatin Merkki: Haibike Components | Tyyppi: TheStem +, 31.8mm, 7° | Rakenne: Ahead | Materiaali: Alumiini
Ohjainlaakeri A-Head tapered
Satula Selle Royal Voga
Satulatolppa Rakenne: Patenttituki | Halkaisija: 31.6 mm | Tyyppi: Haibike Components TheSeatpost + | Materiaali: alumiini
Etunapa Merkki: XLC | Tyyppi: Alu Disc, pikalinkku
Takanapa Merkki: XLC | Tyyppi: Alu Disc, pikalinkku
Rengaskoko 29 Inch
Vanteet Merkki: Rodi | Tyyppi: FW Disc | Materiaali: alumiini | Rakenne: Hollow chamber
Pinnat Sapim-nahka, musta
Eturengas Merkki: Schwalbe | Tyyppi: Smart Sam | Koko: 29 Inch | Renkaanleveys: 57 mm
Takarengas Merkki: Schwalbe | Tyyppi: Smart Sam | Koko: 29 Inch | Renkaanleveys: 57 mm
Polkimet muovinen MTB-plattform-poljin
Toimituksen sisältö Sis. polkimet: kyllä
Paino 22.5 approx. kg
Sallittu enimmäispaino 120 approx. kg
Muuta Nylon Directmount chain guide
Sukupuoli Unisex
vuosimalli 2017
Tuotenro 537609
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