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Instinct Solar Surf GPS Smartwatch, harmaa/sininen

ID: 1279446

389,95 € EUR
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    • harmaa/sininen

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Garmin Instinct Solar Surf GPS Smartwatch, harmaa/sininen

Extra power thanks to solar energy
The GPS Smartwatch with extra power for your lifestyle. With many smart features, sports and outdoor apps, navigation and fitness functions.

Makes every wave with
Waterproof to 10 ATM (corresponds to the test pressure at 100 meters depth), endlessly robust, endlessly outdoors. The case has been tested according to military standards and the scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass protects the always perfectly readable display against scratches and blows.

Just your style
Endlessly stylish, endlessly outside. This GPS Smartwatch is like you! The instinct goes with you everywhere, goes with everything and looks good with everything. Available in trendy colours from slate grey to pink. Which colour is yours?

More power with solar energy
The latest solar technology makes you independent: In Smartwatch mode the battery lasts up to 54 days, in Battery Saver mode even longer.

Does everything with
The Instinct was developed according to US Military Standard 810 in terms of thermal performance, shock resistance and water resistance (10 ATM; corresponds to test pressure at 100 m water depth).

Power Manager
With Power Manager, you can keep track of the power consumption of individual sensors and functions and adjust it as needed. That way, the battery lasts even longer.

Tidal data
Get ready for the perfect wave thanks to tide information for any surf spot directly on your watch.

Integrated Surf App
Record with the surf activity the number of waves you have surfed, the time, the maximum speed and your longest wave.

Pre-installed sports apps
Get started right away - with pre-installed activity profiles for surfing, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, weight training, rowing, and much more

Heart rate measurement on the wrist
Receive heart rate data1 as well as alerts if your heart rate remains too high or too low when you are resting. Assess how hard your heart is working during activities - even underwater.

Blood oxygen saturation
For altitude acclimatization or sleep analysis, a Pulse Ox Sensor r2 uses light to determine how well your body absorbs oxygen.

Keep an eye on stress
The heart rate variability is used to calculate your stress level, so you can see whether you are having a calm, a balanced or a strenuous day.

Body Battery - energy level
Your Garmin continuously measures your heart rate and uses Body Battery to let you know when you're ready for your next workout. Oxygen saturation in your blood and the status of your energy level provide the necessary information.

Multi-satellite reception
Use multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) to obtain better positioning in more difficult environments than if GPS were used exclusively.

Maintain orientation
Navigate the next trail with ABC sensors, including an altimeter for altitude data, a barometer to monitor the weather and an electronic 3-axis compass.

Find your way back
Leave nothing to chance on your way back, but use this function to navigate back to the starting point on the same route. That way you will never get lost.

Smart Notifications
From now on, you will never miss a message from your friends, no matter if you are doing sports or just enjoying your free time. Receive emails, SMS messages and alerts directly on your watch when paired with a compatible device.

Compatible with InReach
Pair the Instinct with an inReach device (sold separately; active satellite subscription required) to display and send messages, receive weather alerts on the wearable and trigger an SOS emergency call to the GEOS Emergency Operations Center, which is manned around the clock.

All appointments on your wrist
On the special calendar page you can easily see what is planned for the day. So you always have your calendar on your wrist.


MTB-aloittelijat/Tour, Marathon/Cross Country, All Mountain/Enduro, Downhill/Freeride, Allround / Aloittelija, Tour / Cross Country, Maraton / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro, Dirt, BMX, Maantie, Cyclocross, Gravel, Aero, Endurance, Triathlon, Telemark, Murtomaahiihto, Lifestyle/ulkoilu, Uinti, Swimrun, Trail-juoksu, Juoksu
Miehet, Naiset
iPhone, Android
Aikaominaisuudet: päivämäärä, kello, hälytys, sekuntikelloSykeominaisuudet: syke, maksimisyke, keskimääräinen sykeKorkeusmittausominaisuudet: todellinen korkeus, kertynyt korkeusAjo-ominaisuudet (valinnainen): kilometrilaskuri, nopeusmittariJuoksuominaisuudet: nopeus, kilometrimittari, kadenssi
Hälytys, Pariston tason ilmaisin, GPS-toiminnat, Kilometrimittari
Toimituksen sisältö
Toimituksen sisältö: Garmin Instinct Solar Surf + charging/data cable

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