Garmin Edge Touring Plus Navigaattori harmaa/valkoinen (2016)

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Wherever you are, find your way
Edge Touring Plus works like the GPS navigator you use in your car, only with maps and features specifically designed to help you find your way by bike. Whether you have a specific destination in mind, or just a distance you want to ride, Edge Touring Plus gives you the freedom to know you can find your way. You can even find and download rides others have completed on Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures, or share your own with the community.

Find Places and Get Directions

Bike-specific maps preloaded in Edge Touring Plus make it easy to get from point A to point B (and beyond) and back again. Simply enter an address or search for points of interest and Edge Touring Plus will give you turn-by-turn directions to your destination(s). You can choose between cycling, tour cycling and mountain biking modes to calculate the most appropriate route for the type of cycling you do, taking you on paved roads, unpaved roads or on paths and trails.

With round trip routing, you can tell Edge Touring Plus how far you’d like to ride and then choose from up to 3 ride options that will bring you back to where you started. The device makes it easy to plan rest stops, find attractions along the way and more.

Get the height advantage
The Barometric Altimeter in the Edge Touring Plus gives elevation, total ascent, total descent and gradient information on the go. It also displays a graph of the elevation changes and records the elevation data for upload when you get home.

Connect to Your Edge
Use Edge Touring Plus with a wireless ANT+® heart rate monitor (sold separately) to help you track and log how hard you’re working. This ANT+ technology also provides integration for compatible LEVs and eBikes to show range, remaining charge and other key data.

Search for Rides and Adventures
Don’t have a specific destination in mind? Search for rides others have completed on Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures. Then download them to Edge Touring Plus to follow on your next ride. Customise the rides or create completely new ones and then download them to your device as well.

Share Your Experiences
Edge Touring Plus records where you ride so you can upload your rides to Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures and relive them whenever you want. Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures are free and allow you to share your cycling adventures with friends, family or fellow riders.
  • Water rating: IPX7
  • Optional heart rate monitor
  • Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data)
  • Route function can assign and follow routes
  • Virtual Partner® (train against a digital person)
  • Virtual Partner® (train against a digital person)
  • Heart rate-based calorie computation
  • Customizable screen(s)
  • barometer and altimeter
  • Temperature (displays and records temperature while you ride)
  • Round trip and route planner
  • Compatibility with LEVs / electric bicycles via ANT +
  • Easy to use
  • Navigate bike lanes across Europe thanks to the pan-European Garmin cycling map
  • audio (beep) and visual directions (for example, left to bike path)
  • Route planner for navigation with multiple destinations
  • Route planning, route tracking, evaluation and archiving on Garmin Connect
  • bright touchscreen display, easy to read even in sunlight
  • ActiveRouting, different route suggestions depending on the chosen route
  • 1-10 freely selectable data fields
  • Height profile of the course
  • compatible with ANT + enabled eBikes (only Edge Touring Plus)
  • for recreational, road cyclists and mountain bikers
  • Tuotenro: 366036
Käyttötarkoitus polkupyörä
Laitteentyyppi käsilaite karttanäytöllä
Mitat (L x K x S) (mm) 51 x 93 x 25 mm
Näyttö Näytön halkaisija : 2.6 Inch | Resoluutio : 160 x 240 pixel
Paino (g) 98 g
Muistikortit Muistikortti sisältyy toimitukseen. : kyllä | Tyyppi : Accepts microSD memory card with Garmin Cycle Map
Korttiominaisuudet Peruskartta sisältyy toimitukseen. : kyllä | Karttojen lisääminen mahdollista : kyllä
GPS-laitteen ominaisuudet Tallennettavien määränpäiden lukumäärä : 200 | Sisältää sisäänrakennetun korkeusmittarin. : kyllä
Virtalähde Akkutyyppi : Litium-Ioni-akku | Akun kesto : 15 hours
Toimitussisältö Tarvikkeet sisältyvät toimitukseen. : Edge Touring Plus, quarter turn bike mount, USB cable, and quick start guide
vuosimalli 2016
Tuotenro 366036
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