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Garmin Edge 520 Plus Ajotietokone (2020)

ID: 809006
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The compact GPS bicycle computer for the ambitious cyclist. The Edge 520 Plus impresses with simple button operation, extensive performance features and navigation functions on the pre-installed Europe bicycle map. Connected features include LiveTrack and GroupTrack, smart notifications, rider-to-rider notifications and accident notification. Improved Strava integration, performance data such as VO2max or performance status as well as the pre-installed Training Peaks app help and motivate during training. With the GPS battery life of up to 15 hours, nothing stands in the way of a weekend tour.

Extended navigation with bike map:
The Edge 520 Plus comes with a bike map pre-installed. The device also provides turn-by-turn directions and new navigation alerts that warn you of approaching sharp turns. If you get off-route, that's no problem, because the device will take you back to the right path or back to the starting point if you want to go home earlier.

Rider to rider messages
When other riders in the group aren’t riding at quite the same pace as you, you now no longer have to reach for your phone or worry: You can send predefined messages from your Edge 520 Plus Bicycle Computer to the other person's device by sending messages between cyclists. let your friends know if they should wait for you to catch them up or ride on without you. If you have a puncture or need help, simply send a message to the other riders. If they are also using the GroupTrack3 system, they can easily receive your message and come to find you.

Customise the Edge 520 Plus

The Edge 520 Plus bike computer is easy to customise with free apps, widgets, and data fields from our Connect IQ Store. Thanks to apps like AccuWeather MinuteCast, you know when the rain stops so you can start your tour. Xert's MPA and Power app provides instant feedback so you can see if you're exceeding your maximum available power. Various configurable data fields display your favourite statistics on a clearly arranged page.

The Edge 520 Plus is compatible with Garmin's Varia bicycle safety products, including Varia Radar and intelligent bicycle lighting. Couple these devices with the Edge to be warned directly on the Edge display about approaching cars. Besides, other road users can see you better. With LiveTrack, friends and family can track your real-time location. If you are separated from your riders, you can keep an eye on them with GroupTrack2 - just as they can keep an eye on you. Edge 520 Plus even features built-in accident detection, which automatically sends your position to an emergency contact if you need urgent help.

Strava Live Segments - Motivation for more performance
Garmin and Strava now offer you even more ways to test your limits. You'll continue to receive alerts for the start and end of segments and can virtually compete against your own personal record and against Strava friends. A revised comparison shows you exactly where you stand by the second. In addition, you can also see how your current activity compares to your personal record, and you can see your recent activities or your friends' personal best times. Wirelessly sync your favorite routes with your Edge bike computer with the new pre-installed Connect IQ app Strava Routes. So you can simultaneously navigate your favourite Strava segments and compete against them

Personalised performance plan for competition day with Best Bike Split
With Best Bike Split you can see how changes in weight, performance and resistance affect your desired competition time. The app also creates the perfect performance plan for competition day. Get your best ride time ever with the Best Bike Split Race Sync app and your race day performance plan. Just link your Best Bike Split account to the Edge 520 Plus. And your current competition plans are available on the device. Create a Best Bike Split account today.

Planning leads to performance - with TrainingPeaks
The Connect IQ TrainingPeaks app lets you follow your planned training every time you go for a ride, all you have to do is turn on your Edge 520 Plus bike computer. The pre-installed app makes your daily training route available directly on the Edge. It then guides you through the training in real time, including intensity goals and interval durations. After training, you synchronise the data with TrainingPeaks, where you get a detailed analysis and can see your progress in reaching your goals. Create a free TrainingPeaks account and get started with your free training plan.


  • Performance analysis - Vo2max, recovery guide, FTP, times in RF ranges
  • Strava Live segments, compete against the best times of other users on defined segments
  • Battery life up to 15 hours in GPS mode
  • ANT+ compatibility with Varia and Vector products, heart rate and cadence monitors
  • The pre-installed app makes your daily training available directly on the Edge
  • Provides VO2max calculation and recovery time for cycling, when used with a power meter and heart rate sensor
  • Stores the power related anaerobic threshold (FTP) Watt/Kg and Cycling Dynamics when used with the power meters Vector2 or Vector 3
  • Compatible with Varia radar and Varia bicycle lighting
  • Includes LiveTrack and GroupTrack5, Smart Notifications, Driver-to-Driver Messages and Accident Notification. Settings can also be changed from your smartphone
  • Customisation options via downloading apps and data fields from the Garmin Connect IQ Store
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Mitat (L x K x S)
73 x 49 x 21  
Tyyppi: värinäyttö
Näytön halkaisija: 2.3 tuuma
62.5  g
Toimituksen sisältö
Tarvikkeet sisältyvät toimitukseen.: Brackets (standard and aero handlebar brackets), mounting strap, charger/data cable  
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très bien
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Globalement bien
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kuten aina Garmin tarjoaa laadukkaan GPS-mittarin. Erittäin tehokas sovelluksen lataamisessa Huomaa, että tälle 520+: lle; Garmin piti mieluummin aktiviteettien sisältöä kuin pyörälle osoitetun mittarin käsitettä, kuten 500 voisi tehdä ennen. Tarkemmin sanottuna tällä 520+: lla ei ole mahdollista muuttaa matkamittarin etäisyyttä, joka alkaa 0 km: stä ensimmäisen käytön aikana. Mukava yllätys mahdollisuudella visualisoida sen kehitys SRAM eTap -sovellukselle; mutta ei kahden pariston lataustasoa. Muilta osin vain hyvä tarjottujen ominaisuuksien suhteen ja hyvä piste värille, joka tekee laitteesta houkuttelevamman.

comme toujours Garmin propose un compteur GPS de qualité. Super efficace quand on télécharge l'application A noter que pour ce 520+; Garmin a privilégié le contenu des activités plutôt que la notion de compteur affecté à un vélo comme pouvait le faire le 500 auparavant. Plus concrètement, avec ce 520+, il n'est pas possible de modifier la distance de l'odomètre qui démarrera à 0km lors de la première utilisation. Une bonne surprise avec la possibilité de visualiser ses développements pour le SRAM eTap; mais pas le niveau de charge des 2 batteries. Pour le reste que du bon au niveau des fonctionnalités proposées et un bon point pour la couleur qui rend l'appareil plus attrayant.

Hofman Hubert
Edge 520+
Edge 520+
Automaattinen käännös ranskasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

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