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Garmin Edge 1030 GPS-Ajotietokone Sarja, black (2020)

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Ultimate GPS bike computer with navigation and online functions

- Bicycle computer with 3.5-inch display, comprehensive navigation features as well as performance and bike safety functions.
- Trendline Popularity Routing displays the best road and terrain routes based on millions of kilometres of Garmin Connect route data.
- Pre-installed bicycle map for turn-by-turn directions and new navigation alarms.
- New function for sending messages between cyclists so you can stay in touch with other riders in your group.
- Updated, pre-installed Strava Live segments feature for a challenge on every ride.
- Battery life: Up to 20 hours; can be extended up to 40 hours with the optional Garmin Charge AkkuPack.

The ultimate cycling nerve centre
The Edge 1030 is equipped with the latest navigation tools and is compatible with a wide range of cycling accessories to help you measure the most important aspects of your performance. Bicycle safety products are also supported, which can increase safety when cycling. Create a perfect cycling network with Garmin. The Edge is the starting point.

Popularity Routing:
Since the introduction of the Garmin Connect online community, cyclists have uploaded billions of kilometers of track data. Now is the time to use this data for the Trendline Popularity Routing. When the Edge 1030 creates a route for you, it searches for the best route using the roads (and paths) most travelled by other cyclists. Garmin Connect's optimised and redesigned route planner gives you another way to create routes that are good for bikes based on popularity data.

Advanced navigation with the bike map
Let Garmin navigate for you, both on and off road. The Edge 1030 bike computer comes with a pre-installed map. The device also provides turn-by-turn directions and new navigation alerts that warn you of approaching sharp turns. During the tour you can get information about elevation data, view points of interest and search for addresses. RoundTrip routing even creates a route for you. On the Edge 1030 you simply enter a distance and starting direction and have the choice of between up to 3 routes. No problem if you go off your original route - the device will guide you back to the right path. When planning long rides, you can always rely on Edge 1030. The battery lasts up to 20 hours and with the new integrated Garmin ChargePack, the Edge can last as you do.

Rider to rider messages
When other riders in the group aren’t riding at quite the same pace as you, you now no longer have to reach for your phone or worry: you can send predefined messages from your Edge 1030 to your friends' Edge quickly and conveniently - let your friends know if they should wait for you to catch them up or ride on without you. If you have a puncture or need help, simply send a message to the other riders. If they are also using the GroupTrack3 system, they can easily receive your message and come to find you.

Smart connectivity
The Edge 1030 also has other online features to offer. If you missed a call or SMS, just send a predefined message such as "I'll be home soon". Let your friends and family track your rides in real time with LiveTrack and GroupTrack so they don't have to worry where you are. Automatically uploads to Garmin Connect. You can also download apps and widgets from the Connect IQ Store and even easily update your device software via WLAN.

Safe on the road
The Edge 1030 can be used with our new flat mount, which mounts the device at perfect handlebar level. This makes the Edge more aerodynamic. Optional accessories such as the Garmin ChargePack or our Varia family of bicycle safety products can also be easily replaced. The Edge 1030 is compatible with the Varia radar and bicycle lights, designed to make cycling safer. Integrated accident detection automatically sends your position to an emergency contact should you have problems.

Planning leads to performance - with TrainingPeaks
The Connect IQ TrainingPeaks app lets you follow your planned training every time you go for a ride, all you have to do is turn on your Edge 1030. The pre-installed app makes your daily training route available directly on the Edge. It then guides you through the training in real time, including intensity goals and interval durations. After training, you synchronise the data with TrainingPeaks, where you get a detailed analysis and can see your progress in reaching your goals. Create a free TrainingPeaks account and get started with your free training plan (in English).

Personalised performance plan for competition day with Best Bike Split
With Best Bike Split you can see how changes in weight, performance and resistance affect your desired competition time. The app also creates the perfect performance plan for competition day. Get your best ride time ever with the Best Bike Split Race Sync app and your race day performance plan. Just link your Best Bike Split account to the Edge 1030 and your current competition plans are available on the device. Create a free Best Bike Split account today and start planning your perfect strategy for the competition day.


  • Accelerometer
  • Physiological measurements, training status/training load
  • Smart Notifications
  • VIRB-kaukosäädin
  • Aika- tai etäisyyyshälytys (Kun saavutat esiasetusarvon, hälytys kuuluu)
  • Reitit (kilpaile aiempia ajojasi vastaan)
  • Navigation via device, apps, popularity routing and recalculation
  • yhteensopiva Vectorin kanssa
  • yhteensopiva Garmin Connectin kanssa (online-yhteisö analyysiin, luokitteluun ja tietojen vaihtoon)
  • Automaattinen synkronointi (tietojen siirtäminen automaattisesti Garmin Connect -palveluun)
  • Liitettävyys: Wi-Fi, ANT + Bluetooth
  • Ympäristön valotunnistin
  • Tukee tehoantureita
  • Open API with specific partners available
  • FTP/Watt/kg tracking
  • Online functions: Uploads, LiveTrack, weather, notifications, accident detection, GroupTrack, announcements, message transmission between cyclists
  • Access to third-party apps: About Connect IQ, including preloaded Strava and TrainingPeaks apps


Garmin Edge 1030 - Mountainbike 01/2019, Test: Sechs GPS-Geräte für Biker
käsilaite karttanäytöllä  
Mitat (L x K x S)
58 x 114 x 19  
Tyyppi: värillinen kosketusnäyttö
Näytön halkaisija: 3.5 tuuma
Resoluutio: 282 x 470
Karttoja voidaan lisätä, Kartoittava
123  g
vettä hylkivä: kyllä  
Aikaominaisuudet: keskinopeus
Sykeominaisuudet: syke
Kadenssi: sisältyy toimitukseen
Muista ominaisuuksia: kalorinkulutus etapilta
GPS-laitteen ominaisuudet
Tallennettavien määränpäiden lukumäärä: 200
Säilytystilat: 16000 MB
Sisältää sisäänrakennetun korkeusmittarin.: kyllä
Akkutyyppi: Litium-Ioni-akku
Virtalähde: Akku
Akun kesto: 20 h
Toimituksen sisältö
Sisältää: Akut, Peruskartta
Tarvikkeet sisältyvät toimitukseen.: Premium heart rate chest strap, cadence sensor, speed sensor, brackets (standard and Aero handlebar bracket), USB cable, mounting tape, documentation
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garmin 1030
garmin 1030
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Erittäin täydellinen laite, vähän liian paljon keskimääräiselle pyöräilijälle. Melko suuri näyttö, helppo lukea. Tämä on syy tälle ostolle. Täydellinen toimitus kuten aina.

Appareil très complet,un peu trop pour cycliste moyen. Ecran assez grand,bien lisible.Cest la raison pour cet achat. Livraison parfait comme toujours.

Sivu 1030
Kant 1030
Automaattinen käännös tanskasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

Uusi kumppani.

Ny makker.

Sivu 1030
Kant 1030
Automaattinen käännös tanskasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

Uusi kumppani.

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