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Rapid Red 5 DB Wheelset Gravel 27.5" XDR 11/12-speed Disc CL Clincher TLR, musta

ID: 1207203

379,95 €
364,95 € EUR
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    • musta

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Fulcrum Rapid Red 5 DB Wheelset Gravel 27.5" XDR 11/12-speed Disc CL Clincher TLR, musta

Bikepacking? Bike racing without the support of cars? Being free from the confines of paved roads? Strade Bianche, travelling, unpaved roads and new horizons...

There are many ways of interpreting this new trend, which is now not just being followed by a few, but for many it represents a new way of experiencing cycling. For some, it is a new way to put themselves to the test, for others it is an alternative choice and a new opportunity.
B-Road, or "Gravel", is all of this, and the Rapid Red 5 DB has been designed and manufactured by Fulcrum to do just that.
In the development of the Rapid Red 5 DB, Fulcrum's R&D department has used all the experience and technical solutions developed for the wheels of road bikes and has redesigned them for tracks beyond the asphalt.

Strade bianche, dirt and gravel roads require a wide channel, 23 mm for this wheel, with low and extremely resistant 24 mm rims to absorb shocks and guarantee excellent riding comfort regardless of the vibrations.
The tread pattern allows the mounting of tyres between 30 and 46 mm Tubeless Ready, with many adjustment possibilities according to the distance to be covered. The 24 straight-head spokes, supported by a sturdy aluminium hub, guarantee the ideal support for uninterconnected terrains as well as the slightly increased weight of a wheel ready for travel.

Prepare for your next journey: Check your equipment, prepare the lights and take all the time you need. Rapid Red 5 DB is your loyal companion - comfortable, reliable, light and precise.
That means absolute freedom.

F.I.C. Fulcrum Identification Card - 100% Handmade Quality
Fulcrum, since its creation, has been characterised by an approach that continues to this day: Design, prototyping and industrialisation of all wheels with the red "F".
Every single wheel component, the materials selected and the technologies used are the tangible result of the efforts Fulcrum makes every day to offer you the highest performance and reliability.

The key word for the products is traceability.
If you find a small white label on your Fulcum components, please do not remove it. This label is there to give you the guarantee that your component or wheel is traceable.
All this because Fulcum, true to its corporate mission, always demands absolute perfection for its products and safety for its customers.


etukiekko 15x100, takakiekko 12x142
Materiaali: AlumiiniRakenne: Ontto kammioProfiilin korkeus: Matala (<30 mm)Korkeus: 24Rengastyyppi: Vaijerirengas/ClincherJarrusysteemi: levyjarruSoveltuu tubeless-renkaille: KylläLeveys: 28 mmSisäleveys: 23 mmKoko (tuumaa): 27,5 tuuma
Asennusleveys (mm): 100 mmAkselin halkaisija, etu (mm): 15 mmPinnojen lukumäärä: 24Materiaali: Aluminium hub body with aluminium flanksOminaisuudet & edut: Pikalinkkuun, Kuulalaakeroitu
Materiaali: Aluminium hub body with aluminium flanksAsennusleveys: 142 mmAkselin halkaisija: 12 mmEturattaan tyyppi: SRAM XDRPinnojen lukumäärä: 24Ominaisuudet & edut: Pikalinkkuun, Kuulalaakeroitu
Materiaali: AluminumRakenne: Straight pull, Round profile
Renkaankoko ERTRO (leveys x halkaisija): from 40 mm to 60 mm
Soveltuva jarrutyyppi: Center Lock -levyjarrut
Soveltuva jarrutyyppi: Center Lock -levyjarrut
Kokonaispaino: 1660 gEnimmäisrasitus: 120 kg

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