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Float DPX2 F-S K 3Pos-Adj Trunnion Evo LV Rear Shock 205x60mm

ID: 1226613

729,95 € EUR
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Fox Racing Shox Float DPX2 F-S K 3Pos-Adj Trunnion Evo LV Rear Shock 205x60mm

The DPX2 combines the damping qualities of the FLOAT X2 with the easy handling of the DPS, making it our damper for the extended single trail hunt on root-strewn trails. For the 2021 model year the compression stage has been revised, what remains are the 10 clicks for fine tuning the compression stage and the one-piece EVOL air chamber.

Float Air Spring
Patented air transfer port system
The float air suspension system reduces the breakaway torque and thus offers a highly sensitive fork and full comfort even on small shocks. And this for every type of rider and at different air pressures. Similar to the Float shock absorbers, the Float spring system features a positive and a negative air chamber that automatically balance each other out when riding. Every rider thus enjoys the benefits of the correct, precisely balanced air pressure in both air chambers. The progression of the spring characteristic curve can be adjusted with air volume spacers - allowing every driver to precisely set the characteristics of the air spring.

A more linear spring curve gives EVOL forks and shocks more smooth suspension performance in the upper range, extra support in the middle travel and a better tunable final progression. The EVOL technology has an increased negative air spring volume. Specially positioned and dimensioned with optimal sensitivity to small shocks.


  • The sensitivity of the X2 meets the weight-optimised design of the DPS
  • Recirculating damping for optimal control
  • Lighter, one-piece EVOL air chamber for maximum sensitivity
  • Open/medium/firm logic with finely adjustable open mode (10 clicks)
  • Factory Series models with Genuine Kashima Coat
  • Optionally available with remote
  • Weight specification of 210 x 50mm version
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All Mountain/Enduro, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro
Kyllä, säädettävä
Jousituksen tyyppi
Tyyppi: Ilma
Asennuspituus (mm): 205
60 mm
Tyyppi: ilmaSäädettävyys: ilmanpaine, rebound, painetaso
398 g


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