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DT Swiss

DT Swiss H 1900 Spline Takapyörä 27,5" Disc 6-pulttinen 148/12mm Läpiakseli, black (2020)

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The legs of an experienced mountain biker and the power of modern pedal support take bikers far into the hinterland today. The H 1900 SPLINE 25 is essentially a conventional MTB wheel. Equipped with a set of standard MTB tires, it always gives you a good feel for the ground and rides agile and playful. With straight pull hubs and heavy-duty reinforced components, it has many eMTB seasons, but retains the feel of a normal MTB. And mountain biking is all about going out, searching for trails and finding them, and finally telling the story of your adventures. The H 1900 SPLINE 25 can do just that: it takes you out and back again.

All ball bearings in the hubs are oversized to withstand the high loads as well as to run perfectly under the toughest conditions.

In order to cope with the high torques generated by modern eMTB drives, all hybrid freewheel bodies are made of steel. Available in both Shimano and SRAM XD versions, they are an extremely durable mount for any cassette.

HYBRID spokes
In order to complete the hybrid system, DT Swiss needed spokes that could not only withstand the higher weight and torque of a modern eMTB, but also perfectly matched the oversized spoke mounts of the hubs. The specially designed spokes have reinforced and oversized Straight Pull spoke heads that, together with the DT Pro Lock Squorx nipples, ensure that all the power you transfer to the hubs is translated into forward movement. Disregarded by many, specifically developed by DT Swiss: Hybrid spokes made for this new way of cycling.

Masses of vertical meters in rough terrain on the eMTB mean a very hard life for the rims. DT Swiss Hybrid rims feature the proven rim profiles with load-optimised cross-sections and are approved for a system weight of 150 kg. In order to obtain a super stable, eMTB-specific rim, the developers have increased the strength and material thickness where it makes sense. Available in various widths, you'll find the right model for your riding style and terrain. Made for the harder, faster and wider biking of the future. DT Swiss hybrid rims have higher wall thicknesses and are approved for a system weight of 150 kg.

Straightpull Technology
Straightpull stands for straight, straight spokes. Thanks to this technology it is possible to achieve an ideal balance between weight and stability. Straightpull spokes allow very precise alignment and optimized positioning in the wheel for a stiffer and more responsive wheel.

Straightpull hub technology
Straightpull hubs are designed for straight, straight spokes. They are extremely durable, reliable and can be converted to almost all axle standards.

DT pro lock technology
The screw locking system injected into the nipples enables the construction of extremely durable impellers. DT pro lock nipples prevent the spoke-nipple connection from loosening by itself. The integrated, patented screw locking system in the nipple thread is based on a two-component adhesive. As soon as the nipples are screwed in, an adhesive is activated which cures completely at room temperature after approx. 6 - 7 hours. If necessary, the impeller can be used immediately after assembly. Repeated re-centering is possible without any problems. However, the adhesive strength decreases slightly with each re-centering.

Double Butted
These spokes have two different diameters. The spoke is partially butted by cold forging. This reduces the diameter and thus enables a weight reduction while simultaneously improving the elongation values.

TUBELESS Technology
Tubeless tyres offer some decisive advantages over the conventional combination of tyre and tube.

No special tool
No special tools are required for normal maintenance.

ASTM classification: 4
takakiekko 12x148  
Materiaali: Alumiini
Rakenne: Ontto kammio
Profiilin korkeus: Matala (<30 mm)
Korkeus: 20
Rengastyyppi: Vaijerirengas/Clincher
Jarrusysteemi: levyjarru
Venttiiliporaus: 6,5 mm
Soveltuu tubeless-renkaille: kyllä
Leveys: 30 mm
Sisäleveys: 25 mm
Koko (tuumaa): 27,5 tuuma
ERTRO (leveys x halkaisija): 25 - 584
Tyyppi: 370
Asennusleveys: 148 mm
Akselin halkaisija: 12 mm
Eturattaan tyyppi: Socket Shimano / SRAM
Ominaisuudet & edut: Kuulalaakeroitu, Tiivistetty, Pikalinkkuun
Rakenne: DT hybrid 1 DT ProLock Squorx ProHead alu
Rihtaus: 3-cross (1:1)
Soveltuva jarrutyyppi: ---  
Soveltuva jarrutyyppi: disc brake 6h
Paino: 1094 g
Enimmäisrasitus: 150  kg
Toimituksen sisältö
H 1900 Spline 25 HR 27.5", Tubeless tape 27 mm, Tubeless valve MTB 32 mm, Sram XD freewheel kit  
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