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CASIO PRO TREK PRG-240-1ER Watch Men, black/black/grey (2019)

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The range of high-end functions means that this versatile outdoor watch always delivers: Boasting a digital compass, thermometer/barometer, altimeter up to 10,000 metres and even a sunrise and sunset display, the PRO TREK impresses not just passionate mountain climbers, but everyone who enjoys being in the great outdoors. All the information is easy to read thanks to the multi-coloured display.

Triple Sensor - Powering the most important functions
PRO TREK watches are equipped with the latest Triple Sensor, version 3 technology, making them even more accurate than before. Three highly sensitive, extremely small sensors measure with absolute precision and instantly display changes in your environment. The precision of the digital compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer is only possible with the Triple Sensor technology. At the same time, the three layer sensor is 95% smaller and consumes 90% less energy than before.

Tough Solar System
The CASIO Tough Solar System is now so advanced that even the weakest light sources are sufficient to operate the watches. The solar cells are so small and inconspicuous that they can be integrated easily into every watch face design.

Intelligent energy storage
An accumulator in solar watches saves "superfluous" energy and releases it when the watch is in darkness. The accumulator is charged automatically and does not require manual activation.

Altimeter - For all those who set their sights high
The built-in altimeter uses a pressure sensor to measure the current air pressure. The measured air pressure is then used to provide an "estimate" of the current altitude. The electronic mechanism in the watch is pre-programmed with "ISA values" ("International Standard Atmosphere") used to convert pressure values into altitude values. The air pressure and temperature generally become lower as the altitude increases. These values define the connection between altitude, air pressure and temperature.

The barometer measures the air pressures and displays tendencies in the weather. The higher a person goes (ascent/terrain), the lower the barometric pressure will be. An increase in air pressure usually signifies an improvement in the weather. A decrease in air pressure usually means that bad weather is on its way. The air pressure is displayed with an accuracy of 1 hPa (hectopascals). The barometer can measure and display a range from 260 hPa to 1100 hPa.

Digital compass - Always on course
The PRO TREK digital compass shows 16 compass points. The direction of magnetic north and the bearing are calculated by the compass's directional sensor The directional sensor consists of two rectangular coils that detect slight tensions created by the earth's magnetic field. Depending on the position and direction, these tensions vary in intensity. There is a non-magnetic resistance between the two coils, which absorbs the subtle changes in tension. With each new position, the values that are measured by the resistance change. A microprocessor converts the measurements so that they can be displayed clearly on your watch.

Thermometer - Large measuring range
The thermometer is used to measure the outside temperature. The temperature is displayed with an accuracy of 0.1 °C. The thermometer can measure and display a range from -10.0°C to 60.0°C.


  • mineral glass
  • Shockproof resin housing
  • Duplex LCD for a clear display
  • 5 daily alarms
  • 12-/24-hour format
  • Directional bezel
  • Battery type: CTL1616
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 57.3 mm x 50.9 mm x 15.3 mm
  • Weight: 65,4 g
  • Watertightness classification: 10 bar
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