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Super Record EPS Takavaihtaja 12-vaihteinen

ID: 1019036

689,95 €
629,95 € EUR
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Campagnolo Super Record EPS Takavaihtaja 12-vaihteinen

As with the front derailleur, the rear derailleur uses many developments made for its mechanical 12-speed predecessor. The same 45° angle of movement corresponds to a new shift that electronically improves the winding of the chain, which is specific to each individual sprocket. Improved power transmission and reduced wear on the wear parts of the drive system are just two of the advantages of positioning the new rear derailleur relative to the cassette.

Compatible with both cassettes 11-29 and 11-32, the two rear derailleurs have a 12-tooth design and the 72.5 mm rear derailleur cage ensures perfect functionality. The slimmer and stronger structure of the cage allows more space between the rear derailleur and spokes, making adjustment easier.

Moving the chain onto the 12 sprockets of the cassette is a task that requires greater precision, considering that the number of chainrings at the same distance increases. The firmware not only performs this task efficiently and quickly, but the front and rear drives also perform their task with the most powerful motors available on the market. The EPS rear derailleur, made of materials such as aluminium, ultra-light technopolymer and carbon fibre, meets the Campagnolo standard for extreme durability, precision and reliability, although it weighs only 234 grams.

Unlock System
The automatic unlocking system of the rear derailleur enables manual operation of the gearshift in the preferred position in the event of system faults. In addition to this important function, the unlocking system also works in the event of a fall and protects the rear derailleur from damage in the event of an impact.

Multishifting technology
Thanks to the electronic development of the multishifting technology already present in the mechanical systems, it has been possible to achieve multiple gears on all 11 sprockets. An advanced electronic system allows the gears to be shifted up or down continuously by holding down levers 2 or 3. Up to 11 sprockets can be shifted up or down with a single lever actuation. Today, multiple gear shifting has no limits, the decision is in the hands of the cyclist.

Waterproof - IP 67
The Campagnolo EPS electronic drive unit complies with international IP67 standards. This enables the system to protect its electronic components from dust and liquid penetration. In order to obtain the IP67 classification, all electronic components of the EPS system have been subjected to a series of tests confirming perfect operation up to one metre under water for at least 30 minutes.


  • Motors with high torque and high transmission ratio
  • Position sensor - rear derailleur always positions the chain at the optimum position in relation to the selected sprocket
  • Carbon fibre cage and front parallelogram / aluminium body
  • Special T.I.N. Surface treatment
  • Cage length: 72,5 mm
  • 100 % vesitiivis
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Maantie, Triathlon, Endurance
Vaihteiden lukumäärä
Takavaihtajan häkki
Rakenne: keskipitkä
Max. suurin hammaspyörä: 32 hampaat
Hiili, Alumiini
234 g


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