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CAMPAGNOLO H11 Levyjarru vasen takaosa 11s 160mm, black (2020)

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The new Campagnolo H11 disc brake group is a new benchmark for performance because, depending on the competitor's product in question, it reduces speed more quickly by 23% to 26% on wet ground and by 4% to 55% on dry ground, while at the same time requiring less hand power. These performances have been achieved by simultaneously ensuring complete safety and perfect thermal stability even in situations where the functionality of some competing models would be compromised. Campagnolo disc brake components not only offer extreme performance with Campagnolo's reliability and cutting-edge technology in a single package, but also with a design that is the industry leader for its lightness.

Ergo Power
The grip body reproduces the asymmetry of the human hand, increasing the area of contact with the palm of the hand and providing different support positions for maximum safety in all riding positions. Due to their shape, the levers are always easy to reach without effort, regardless of your riding position and the size of your hand. A study on the position of the hands of road cyclists has highlighted 3 different riding positions depending on the track and riding style. Based on these studies, Campagnolo created the special and exclusive shape of the Ergopower brake levers to ensure safe and comfortable riding at all times. In addition, a special insert for large hands increases the distance between the shift levers and the handlebars by 8%, creating sufficient space for braking and shifting while maintaining maximum safety conditions. The Vary-Cushion system encloses the handle body and serves as a damper. The special geometry of this anti-allergenic hand protection rubber with different density absorbs the vibrations so that you can sit in the saddle for many hours without tiring or overstraining your hands. The Ultra-Shift shape of the levers allows a more powerful operation of the brake levers. Even with your hands on the Ergopower levers, strong and responsive braking is possible. Thanks to this advantage, professionals can talk in peace before they get serious.

Power Shift
The introduction of the Power Shift system makes it easier for Ergopower gears to control the front derailleur/gear. Thanks to the optimised design of the new 12/27 and 12/30 sprockets, shifting is just as smooth as with the larger 11-speed brothers. The Power Shift System mechanism shifts the chain down one sprocket and up three sprockets.

One Lever - One Action
The layout and action of the EPS system's shift levers follow the same logic as Campagnolo's mechanical shift levers.


  • with 16 mm adjustment range on the brake lever
  • Brake lever position adjustable via allen
  • Bleed screw on the head of the master cylinder
  • Brake caliper designed for 160 mm disc
Jarrukahvan pituus: koko käsi  
Vaihdetekniikka: mekaaninen
Yhdistettävyys: Ergopower, Campagnolo
Vaihteiden lukumäärä vasen: 11-vaihteinen
Jarrusatulan kiinnitys takana: Flat Mount
Jarrumäntien lukumäärä takana: 2
Jarrupalojen kiinnitys
ei sis. jarrulevyä  
Jarruneste: mineraaliöljy
Mineraaliöljyn tyyppi: Campagnolo
Toimituksen sisältö
1 Campagnolo H11 disc brake rear left 11s 160 mm  
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