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assos H.laalalaiShorts_S7 Naiset, block black (2020)

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129,95 €
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assos H.laalalaiShorts_S7 Naiset, block black
assos H.laalalaiShorts_S7 Naiset, corfu blue
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Lisätietoja koosta : Normaalikokoinen

Leikkaus : Kapea

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An impeccable fit is not just a wish, but the basic requirement that assos places on its clothing. The strapless shorts, which hold everything in place without straps, show how important this is. Rest assured: these carefully designed cycling shorts for women are a guarantee of total comfort. Behind the appealing, simple aesthetics of the H.laalalaiShorts_S7 are also less conspicuous but all the more important features. The completely new construction of the waist area ensures a fit that can cope with even the toughest rides. The Lady_S7 seat pad has been specially designed to fit the anatomy of female riders and remains in harmony with their bodies throughout the ride. Even the flat half circumferential leg cuffs are one step better and are hardly noticed. The regularFit fit of the H.laalalaiShorts_s7 features a discreet, universal cut that makes these padded cycling shorts ideal for any kind of ride.

The Assos T.Laalalaishorts_S7 set new standards in women's specific design - the Cylance Pro Cycling-Radsportteam also trusts in this - using the process engineering and the fabric types of the ASSOS S7 generation. In this unrivalled concept, which has been in development for five years, Assos effectively uses its best fabric processes as well as its knowledge of clothing. The shorts are made from ASSOS' Type.439 Diadema fabric, which has unique stretch and high moisture-wicking and compression properties. They have been wind tunnel tested and feature the unique minimal aeroPatterningFenomeno1 design. As the fastest Assos women's cycling shorts to date, they are ideal for the Cylance team. Assos has thought through the fit of this model down to the smallest detail to ensure that there is never any sacrifice in comfort and that it fits your body perfectly when you are in the saddle.

Construction: The H.laalalai Shorts_S7 has been specially tailored to the female body. It features an improved version of the award winning assos Lady seat pad.

S7 Generation: The latest generation of ASSOS cycling shorts, using process techniques and fabrics that are the result of five years of development work.

racingFit: A fit that is narrower and offers more compression than the regularFit and comfortFit versions. Outside the riding position it may feel restrictive, but in the riding position it fits like a second skin. This leads to improved comfort and less drag.

Type.439 Diadema: This fabric design was developed together with our fabric suppliers to meet our requirements for performance, quality and durability. The weave structure is unique within the industry and features 4-way stretch with two different degrees of stretch, which requires great expertise to maximize fabric stretch when cutting the shorts.

aeroPatterningFenomeno1 design: Based on the observations of our project to develop the fastest skinsuit for the 2012 Summer Olympics, this original design features a single seam on the back of the legs, so the main fabric wraps around your thighs for a unique level of comfort and compression.

Y7 frame carrier bibTech: Newly designed straps that reduce pressure on the shoulders thanks to wider elastic sections, thus reducing friction while providing greater comfort.

Lady_S7 insert: A women's chamois offering unsurpassed comfort and performance, featuring an 8mm layer of memory foam and a patented elastic surface that reduces friction.

ASSOS waffle: A unique three-layer foam used in our inserts with perforations that make the fabric light and highly breathable.

ASSOS goldenGate: A patented technology that increases the performance of the insert by allowing the most fluid movement possible in harmony with the body. Flat grippers in the lower

Leg section: Ultralight grippers with optimally calibrated stretch that caress half of the leg circumference and keep the shorts in place. They thus provide less compression and more comfort.

iceColor: A fabric treatment that repels sunlight, reducing heat absorption to cool the muscles.

odorControl: An antibacterial treatment that reduces unpleasant odours and improves durability.


  • 4-way stretch with two different degrees of stretchability
  • highly breathable high-tech chamois pad with 8 mm thick memory foam in perfect shape for female anatomy
  • particularly small leg cuffs with optimum return for safety without cutting in
  • iceColor tissue treatment reduces heat absorption and cools muscles
  • antibacterial "odorControl" tissue treatment reduces unpleasant odours
  • Normaali mitoitus Kokotaulukkoon
  • Vartalonmyötäinen, urheilullinen leikkaus


assos H.laalalaiShorts_S7 - RoadBike 6/2017, Rennradhosen für Frauen, Besondere Bibs
Lyhyet housut  
Jalan sisäpituus
Sisältää sisähousut.: ei
Haarapehmuste: kyllä
80% polyamidi, 20% elastaani  
Tekninen materiaali: Type.439 Diadema
Saumat: Vähennetyt saumat, Venytyssaumat, Saumaton sisäjalan alue, Saumaton istuin-/haarusalue, Alhaisen kitkan saumat
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Upeat housut, upea pehmuste
Tolle Hose, super Polster
Automaattinen käännös saksasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

Housut ovat hienoja pitkille matkoille. Verhoilu on loistava. Erittäin suositeltava, vaikka ei halpa, sijoitus on sen arvoinen.

Die Hose ist super für lange Touren. Das Polster ist top. Absolut empfehlenswert, auch wenn nicht ganz billig, Investition lohnt sich.

Uskomattoman mukava
Unglaublich bequem
Automaattinen käännös saksasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

Nämä housut ovat maailmaa parempia kuin mikään housut, joita minulla on koskaan ollut! Uskomattoman mukava ja jopa useiden tuntien jälkeen et tunne, että istuit kovalla satulalla. Todellinen suositus.

Diese Hose ist um Welten besser als alle Hosen, die ich jemals hatte! Unglaublich bequem und auch nach mehreren Stunden spürt man noch nicht, dass man auf einem harten Sattel sitzt. Eine echte Empfehlung.

ensimmäinen Klass
Automaattinen käännös saksasta Takaisin alkuperäiseen arvosteluun

Nämä housut ovat aivan loistavia, etenkin pitkällä matkalla. Jopa sen jälkeen, kun monet pesut ovat moitteettomia. Vielä on vanha Assos-pyöräilyhousu, joka on jo kuusi vuotta vanha on edelleen hyvin puettavissa.

Diese Hose ist einfach super, gerade auf Langstrecke. Auch nach vielen Waschgängen einwandfrei. Habe noch eine alte Assos Radhose, die bereits sechs Jahre alt ist, die ist immer noch gut tragbar.

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