Cube Touring Naiset pyörä Easy Entry , musta (2017)

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Cube Touring Naiset pyörä Easy Entry , hopea

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The Touring has everything you need for cycling - no more, no less. Cube intentionally ditched complicated features with this model, but not the ergonomics. That's why it's the perfect bike to simply get on and cycle away without having to spend any time getting to know it first. Its reliable technology makes riding every day fun, whether in an urban environment or out in the country. Ride for pleasure or to work - the Touring is a beguiling all-rounder with a comfortable ride position.

The light, double butted aluminium frame features Cube's Efficient Comfort Geometry, specifically developed for touring bikes to provide a comfortable ride position with the best energy transfer to make the best possible use of long days in the saddle. The Touring is available in three different versions: the easy entry with a complex hydroformed down tube and very low step-through frame, the trapeze with its more sporty looks, and the classic men's diamond frame. All have bosses for bottle cages and for the ingeniously simple Cube kickstand, while internal cable routing helps reduce maintenance and keep gear shifts smoother for longer.

The Cube Touring has been built in accordance with StVZO regulations. The LED lighting system up front and the small but powerful red LED at the rear both get their power seamlessly from the hub dynamo - which means they're ready whenever needed, regardless of the weather. The Shimano 24 speed drivetrain is reliable and perfectly suited to everyday use. The Suntour suspension fork makes cycling comfortable, even on uneven and bumpy surfaces, while powerful Tektro V-Brakes bring you safely to a stop in any situation. THe in-house Cube components add the finishing touches without adding extra weight. This bike passed all of Cube's exhaustive test procedures, guaranteeing safe and reliable cycling for many years to come.
Tuotenro: 540168

Käyttötarkoitus Touring
Runko Rakenne : City Wave | Materiaalityyppi : alumiini
Etuhaarukka Rakenne : joustohaarukka | Merkki : SR Suntour | Tyyppi : Nex
Jousitettu haarukka (mm) Jousto : 63 mm
Vaihteisto Vaihteiston tyyppi : ketjuvaihteisto | Vaihteiden lukumäärä : 24 | Merkki : Shimano | Tyyppi : Tourney
Vaihtaja Malli : 3-speed | Merkki : Shimano | Tyyppi : Altus
Vaihdevipu Merkki : Shimano | Tyyppi : Tourney
Kampisarja Merkki : Shimano | Tyyppi : Tourney FC-T801, 175mm | Eturatas 1 : 48 gears | Eturatas 2 : 36 | Eturatas 3 : 26
Ketjut Merkki : KMC | Tyyppi : Z72
Kasetti Merkki : Shimano | Vaihteisto : 12 - 32 gears
Etujarrut Merkki : Tektro | Rakenne : V-Brake
Takajarrut Merkki : Tektro | Rakenne : V-Brake
Jarrukahva Merkki : Shimano | Tyyppi : Tourney ST-TX800 Shift / brake handle assembly
Ohjaustanko Merkki : Cube | Tyyppi : Comfort Shape Bar | Materiaali : alumiini
Ohjainkannatin Merkki : Cube | Rakenne : A-Head | Materiaali : alumiini
Kädensijat Cube Performance Grip
Ohjainlaakeri FSA No.10 semi-integrated
Satulatolppa Rakenne : patentti | Halkaisija : 30.9 mm | Tyyppi : Cube Performance Post | Materiaali : alumiini
Etunapa Merkki : Shimano | Napadynamo : kyllä
Takanapa Merkki : Shimano
Vanteet Merkki : Cube | Tyyppi : SX24 | Materiaali : alumiini | Koko : 28 Inch
Eturengas Merkki : Schwalbe | Koko : 28 Inch | Renkaanleveys : 40 mm | Erityishuomiot : Reflex
Takarengas Merkki : Schwalbe | Koko : 28 Inch | Renkaanleveys : 40 mm | Erityishuomiot : Reflex
Polkimet Cube PP Trekking
Tavarateline Merkki : Standwell Bag Carrier
Seisontatuki Rakenne : Rear stay stand
Dynamo Rakenne : Hub dynamo | Merkki : Shimano
Etuvalo Rakenne : LED | Tyyppi : LED 15Lux
Takavalo LED : kyllä
Soittokello kyllä
Paino (approx. kg) 15.8 approx. kg
vuosimalli 2017
Tuotenro 540168
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