Giro Code VR70 Miehet kengät , musta (2016)

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Giro Code VR70 Miehet kengät , keltainen/musta

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Kokotiedot: Normal Cut

Leikkaus: Normal

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The Code VR70 is a great choice for riders who want mega power transfer without sacrificing the durability needed to stand up to rugged trails and conditions. The new upper features Giro's proprietary Evofiber material for superb fit, and complements the adjustable SuperNatural Fit Kit that allows custom tuning of your arch support. An Easton EC70 carbon composite sole offers pro-level stiffness and is finished with a tough, molded rubber outsole that provides protection and grip when you’re off the bike.

Evofiber takes the best attributes of mesh and microfiber, and fuses them into a single fabric that repels water and improves breathability throughout the shoe. By eliminating the extra seams and adhesives required to insert mesh panels, the durability, comfort and weight of the shoes can all be dramatically improved. Evofiber also holds shape exceptionally well, and is fast drying and easy to clean. 

Easton Carbon Composite Outsole
The unidirectional carbon fiber outsole is engineered to provide a direct connection with the pedal, thanks to class-leading stiffness that puts full effort into forward motion. 

Supernatural Fit System
A superb fit, with adjustable arch support to help optimize comfort and enhance pedaling efficiency.

Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, with technologically advanced compounds like IdroGrip, the stickest moldable compound in the Vibram arsenal and developed specifically for flatpedal riding in dry and wet conditions; and Megagrip, a high performance sticky compound with significantly more durability and only a minimal decrease in friction compared to IdroGrip. All Vibram soles are produced with three objectives: to guarantee the best performance, the maximum level of comfort and quality over time. 

Aegis Microbe Shield
The Aegis Microbe Shield is an anti-microbial barrier that is permanently bonded with the fabric. It uses the power of a tiny positive electrical charge to inhibit the presence of microbes that can cause odor, discoloring or fading, so your shoes stay fresh and odor-free. 

  • Offset D-ring eyelet of the upper velcro closure improves pressure distribution and eliminates pressure points
  • Lisätietoja koosta: Normaali mitoitus Kokotaulukkoon
  • Regular-malli: Rento leikkaus mahdollistaa hyvän liikkuvuuden.
  • Tuotenro: 400593
Käyttötarkoitus MTB
Kausi kokovuotiseen käyttöön
Pohja Easton EC90 uni-directions Carbon, super stiff for optimized power transmission
Kiinnitysmekanismi 2-fold Velcro closure and N-1 ratchet closure
Polkimet shoe type : for click pedals Mountain | Compatibility : SPD
Materiaali Evofiber
Kokotiedot Normal Cut
Leikkaus Normal
vuosimalli 2016
Tuotenro 400593
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