VAUDE Navajo 500 XL Syn makuupussi XL , sininen (2016)

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VAUDE Navajo 500 XL Syn makuupussi XL , punainen

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Sleeping bag or warm blanket? Smaller cut, breathable, rectangular shaped 4-season synthetic sleeping bag made with environmentally friendly bluesign certified materials. This rectangular shaped sleeping bag lets you easily couple two bags to provide the optimal temperature you require. The Sensofiber micro-fiber fill reflects body heat yet efficiently transfers moisture away from the body and so maintains a wonderfully comfortable sleeping climate. As all synthetic fibers, Sensofiber warms even when damp, is quick drying, easy to maintain and long-lasting. The Navajo 500 is a small pack sized, warm outdoor sleeping bag for camping and cabin tours in warmer regions.

Green Shape
Green Shape is your VAUDE guarantee for environmentally-friendly products - made from sustainable materials, resource-conserving manufacturing and fair production.

bluesign is the world's most stringent standard for environment, consumer and workforce protection. All environment-relevant production aspects are assessed and permanently optimized: materials, energy, water, water and air emissions, noise levels, waste, handling of hazardous substances. Products made at least 90% of bluesign certified materials are marked as "bluesign approved fabric".

Eco Finish
VAUDE products bearing the Eco Finish been waterproofed in an environmentally-friendly way without fluorocarbons (PFC). PFCs are part of a group of chemical compounds which are used to waterproof the outer layer of many outdoor products. They have come under criticism for being non-biodegradable, bioaccumulative and toxic, and suspected of being harmful to health. VAUDE has made a clear commitment to completely renouncing PFCs.

Classic, comfortable cut with a full zip - the sleeping bag can be converted into a flat blanket. The leg room that the rectangular cut gives can also be a disadvantage: more air needs to be warmed up inside the bag.

Sensofiber is a special microfiber that is used to reflect the body heat of a person sleeping. Sensofiber insulates well even when wet, dries quickly, is very long-lasting, as well as durable and easy to care for.Benefits: transfers moisture effectively away from the body,dries quickly, and insulates well even when wet.
  • Shell: Polyester 50D 300T ripstop
  • Lining: Polyester 50D 310T
  • Filling: Polyester fiber 3D
  • for Trekking-Tours in mild climate zones
  • especially soft and skin-friendly materials of bluesign standard
  • Senso Fiber filling for ideal sleeping comfort and optimum insulation
  • couples with all Navajo models
  • numerous combinations thanks to coupling
  • shaped cover for comfortable leg liberty
  • useable as blanket
  • fold-over top section offers more head room
  • suitable for tall people when used in combination with separate pillow
  • inner pocket for essentials
  • double-sided zipper
  • includes stuff sack
  • Hood with drawstring
  • Tuotenro: 390453
Kausi 3-vuodenajan
Makuupussi Kategoria : keinokuitumakuupussi | yhdistettävyys : kyllä | Muoto : peitto/suorakulmainen
Suositeltu lämpötila Ihanteellinen lämpötila : 7 °C | Maalämpötila : 2 °C | Vähimmäislämpötila : -12 °C
Materiaali Pintamateriaali : polyesteri | Pintamateriaalin yksityiskohdat : 100% Polyester | Vuorin materiaali : polyesteri | Vuori materiaalin yksityiskohdat : 100 % Polyester | Täyte : keinokuitu | Keinokuidun yksityiskohdat : 100% Polyester
Paino Makuupussi : 1450 g | Filling : 650 g
Mitat Makuupussi (P x L1 x L2) : 235 x 90 x 90 cm | Body size : 205 cm | Mitat pakattuna (P x L) : 40 x 25 cm
PFC-vapaa kyllä
vuosimalli 2016
Tuotenro 390453
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