Cube Attain SL maantiepyörä , musta (2017)

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The Attain SL is the featherweight athlete of the Attain series - and probably the most versatile model, too. Featuring genuine race bike technology, it's the ideal choice for fast rides and long training sessions... and racing, of course. Expect to lead out the group on this bike, even into a head wind - it's that inspiring. But it's not just about performance. Cube also made sure that the Attain SL's comfort and ergonomics are spot on - and all this is offered in an extraordinarily lightweight package.

The Attain SL is a balanced and dynamic racing bike with an extremely efficient ride position that remains comfortable, even for long periods. Flawlessly smooth tube joints between the Superlite aluminium tubes are achieved with Cube's Smooth Welding production process. A tapered head tube, PressFit bottom bracket and mechanically formed down tube all help to increase steering precision and drivetrain efficiency. The vibration-damping carbon fork and slender aero flex seat stays ensure long distance comfort, making the Attain SL the ideal choice on rough mountain passes - or anywhere where the road surface isn't perfectly smooth. Even cobbles are no problem, thanks to the fact that there's enough clearance for 28mm tyres. Cube has also routed all the cables internally, which means longer cable service intervals and a much cleaner appearance.


Cube kitted the Attain SL out with a complete Shimano 105 transmission and brake set. Combining the best of Shimano's technologies in an affordable package, it's both workhorse and technical showcase, guaranteeing reliability and durability. A 2x11 gear setup will tackle anything a race bike could possibly encounter out on the road, with a compact chainset featuring chainrings of 50 and 34 teeth driving a cassette with 11-32 teeth at the rear. Cube slotted Mavic's Aksium Elite wheelset into the dropouts, and also included their ergonomic Wing Race Bar.
Tuotenro: 540579

Käyttötarkoitus Manufacturing Technology Columbia
Runko System : Race | Material type : alumiini | Material : 6061 alumiini
Etuhaarukka System : Rigid fork | Brand : Cube | Material : Alu-Carbon
Vaihteisto Gear type : ketjuvaihteisto | Gear No. : 22 | Brand : Shimano | Type : 105
Vaihtaja Version : Double | Brand : Shimano | Type : 105
Vaihdevipu Brand : Shimano | Type : 105
Kampisarja Brand : Shimano | Translation sheet 1 : 50 gears | Ration chainring 2 : 34 gears
Ketjut Brand : Shimano | Type : CN-HG600-11
Kasetti Brand : Shimano | Ration chainring : 11 - 32 gears
Etujarrut Brand : Shimano | Type : 105 CS-5800 | System : Rim Brake
Takajarrut Brand : Shimano | Type : 105 CS-5800 | System : Rim Brake
Jarrukahva Brand : Shimano
Ohjaustanko Brand : Cube | Type : Wing Race Bar Compact | System : Road Bar | Material : alumiini
Ohjainkannatin Brand : Cube | System : A-Head | Material : alumiini
Tankonauha Cube Grip Control
Satulatolppa System : patentti | Diameter : 27.2 mm | Type : Cube Performance Post | Material : alumiini
Kiekkosetti Brand : Mavic
Eturengas Brand : Mavic | Size : 28 Inch | Tire width : 25 mm
Takarengas Brand : Mavic | Size : 28 Inch | Tire width : 25 mm
Paino (approx. kg) 8.8 approx. kg
vuosimalli 2017
Tuotenro 540579
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