Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 500 sähköpyörä, li-ion , harmaa (2017)

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Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 500 sähköpyörä, li-ion , harmaa

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A real mountain bike with extra power on tap makes for a unique riding experience. The Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro successfully combines the attributes of a performance hardtail with day-to-day practicality, thanks to the latest Bosch drive technology, a hand-picked selection of high quality components and thoughtful frame design.


The aluminium Superlite frame has been updated for 2017, developed specifically to meet the requirements of Bosch's latest drive system and to give the maximum possible versatility. The combination of Optimal Drive Position, Agile Ride Geometry and a carefully sited battery gives the Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro a surprisingly agile ride feel and the most efficient possible drivetrain. Internal cable routing means the looks are as clean as the gear and brake cables. Cube has even included room to mount mudguards, making this bike perfect for everything from weekend rides to the daily commute. It's also easy to mount a trailer to the dropout - so you could be dropping your kids off at the nursery on the way to the office. Seven frame sizes mean it's easy to find exactly the right one for your height: 14, 16 and 18in come with 27.5in wheels and 17, 19, 21 and 23in are 29ers.

Centrepiece of this bike is the new Bosch CX drive. With up to 75Nm it'll really get you going, even for extended periods of pedalling at higher speeds - useful for tough climbs. The large capacity 400Wh battery has plenty of reserves of power, but you can specify your Reaction HPA Hybrid Pro with the optional 500Wh battery for even greater range. Shimano's 10-speed Deore transmission delivers precise and easy gear shifting with a wide gear range, while the hydraulic BR-M315 disc brakes with 180mm rotors will bring you to a halt reliably, even in wet weather. A comfy ride position is guaranteed by the Cube cockpit components, while Suntour's coil spring XCM32 fork with remote lockout smoothes things out on even the bumpiest of roads or trails.
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Tuotenro: 540420

Käyttötarkoitus E-Mountainbike Hardtail
Runko System : MTB Hardtail frame | Material type : alumiini | Material : Aluminium
Moottori Brand : Bosch | Type : Bottom bracket motor | Performance : 250 watt
Paristo Type : Lithium-Ion
Etuhaarukka System : joustohaarukka | Brand : Suntour
Jousitettu haarukka (mm) Travel : 100 mm
Vaihteisto Gear type : ketjuvaihteisto | Gear No. : 10 | Brand : Shimano | Type : Deore
Vaihdevipu Brand : Shimano | Type : Deore
Kampisarja Brand : FSA
Ketjut Brand : KMC | Type : X10-73
Kasetti Brand : Shimano | Ration chainring : 11 - 36 gears
Etujarrut Brand : Shimano | System : hydrauliset levyjarrut | disc diameter : 180 mm
Takajarrut Brand : Shimano | System : hydrauliset levyjarrut
Jarrulevyn halkaisija (mm) 180 mm
Ohjaustanko Brand : Cube | Material : alumiini
Ohjainkannatin Brand : Cube | System : A-Head | Material : alumiini
Kädensijat Cube Performance Grip
Satulatolppa System : patentti | Diameter : 30.9 mm | Material : alumiini
Etunapa Brand : Shimano
Takanapa Brand : Shimano
Rengaskoko (Inch) 27,5 / 29 Inch
Vanteet Brand : Cube | Material : alumiini
Eturengas Brand : Schwalbe
Takarengas Brand : Schwalbe
Paino (approx. kg) 20.9 approx. kg
Total weight (approx. kg) 115 approx. kg
vuosimalli 2017
Tuotenro 540420
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