Cube Delhi Pro Naiset pyörä Trapez , musta (2017)

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The Delhi Pro is perfect for adventure tours, standing out from the crowd with tried and tested all-weather features and an attractive and particularly clever design. The IC luggage rack, built into the aluminium frame, is just one example of the attention to detail that's gone into this bike. The 30 speed Shimano transmission and hydraulic disc brakes comply with the German Road Traffic Registration Ordinance (StVZO) - your guarantee of the utmost in reliablity and safety, whether for touring or everyday use.

Cube's sophisticated IC technology has been combined with the tried and tested Efficient Comfort Geometry in the Delhi Pro, resulting in a comfortable and efficient ride position. The luggage rack is part of the frame, which means the chassis remains stiff even when fully loaded, on fast descents or during out-of-the-saddle pedalling. The saddlebag rails can even be replaced if they become worn - and here, too, Cube used their light, double butted aluminium tubing. Cables are all routed internally and the frame is available in trapeze or classic men's options.

When the going gets rough, the Suntour NCX D LO Air suspension fork does a great job of smoothing it back out again. It can be set up to suit the rider's weight and adds to both comfort and control. Cube has fitted high quality Shimano Deore gear components and the precise XT rear derailleur, which provide 30 gears to cover any eventuality from the steepest climb to the fastest descent. At night you can rely on 40 lux of illumination from Busch&Müller's Eyc T LED headlamp to light up the darkness, while daytime running lights increase your safety on the road. At the rear, Busch & Müller's Toplight View+ rear light - with parking light and light guide technologies - warns traffic of your presence. All of this lighting technology is reliably supplied with power from the Shimano hub dynamo, while Shimano's BR-M315 hydraulic disc brakes grip firmly in all weathers and whatever the load.
Tuotenro: 540240

Käyttötarkoitus Touring
Runko System : Trapeze frame | Material type : alumiini
Etuhaarukka System : joustohaarukka | Brand : SR Suntour
Jousitettu haarukka (mm) Travel : 63 mm
Vaihteisto Gear type : ketjuvaihteisto | Gear No. : 30 | Brand : Shimano | Type : Deore XT
Vaihtaja Version : 3-speed | Brand : Shimano | Type : Deore
Vaihdevipu Brand : Shimano | Type : Deore
Kampisarja Brand : Shimano | Translation sheet 1 : 48 gears | Ration chainring 2 : 36 | Ration chainring 3 : 26
Ketjut Brand : KMC | Type : X10
Kasetti Brand : Shimano | Ration chainring : 11 - 34 gears
Etujarrut Brand : Shimano | System : hydrauliset levyjarrut | disc diameter : 180 mm
Takajarrut Brand : Shimano | System : hydrauliset levyjarrut
Jarrulevyn halkaisija (mm) 160 mm
Ohjaustanko Brand : Cube | Material : alumiini
Ohjainkannatin Brand : Cube | System : A-Head | Material : alumiini
Kädensijat Cube Natural Fit Comfort
Ohjainlaakeri FSA No.10 semi-integrated
Satula Selle Royal Freccia
Satulatolppa System : patentti | Diameter : 27.2 mm | Type : Cube Performance Post | Material : alumiini
Etunapa Brand : Shimano | Hub dynamo : kyllä
Takanapa Brand : Shimano
Vanteet Brand : Cube | Material : alumiini | Size : 28 Inch
Eturengas Brand : Schwalbe | Size : 28 Inch | Tire width : 40 mm | Special features : Reflex
Takarengas Brand : Schwalbe | Size : 28 Inch | Tire width : 40 mm | Special features : Reflex
Tavarateline Material : Aluminium
Seisontatuki System : Rear stay stand
Dynamo System : Hub dynamo | Brand : Shimano
Etuvalo System : LED | Additional features : Daytime Running Lights
Takavalo Brand : Busch&Müller | LED : kyllä | Additional features : Parking light
Soittokello kyllä
Paino (approx. kg) 15.35 approx. kg
vuosimalli 2017
Tuotenro 540240
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