Sinus Ena7 Naiset sähköavusteinen kaupunkipyörä , musta (2017)

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ENA, the Greek word for one, signifies the beginning of an entirely new generation of Sinus Bikes. Made for modern epicureans that give comfort a special role in their lives. Unlike many conventional E-Bikes, the specially designed frame was constructed around the drive components for this line. The battery and drive unit are naturally integrated into the pedelec; a design idea that has a direct impact on handling, stability and safety.

Even with such an innovative design the function of the Sinus Ena7 City E-Bike is not overlooked, the same goes for the entire Sinus Ena series. Anyone taking a seat on the bike will clearly feel the support of the barely visible Bosch Active Drive motor. The Active Drive motor delivers rider support with each pedal rotation. In all ways you're so much faster and able to do more power-saving travelling. With the Bosch Intuvia display on the handlebars your speed and battery capacity are always visible and while riding you can easily select from five available driving modes - Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco and Off - for the right motor support. The powerful 400Wh Li-Ion Power Pack is so inconspicuously placed that you need a second look to find it.

The rest of equipment on the Sinus ENA7 is high quality and extensive and the modern Citybike is effortlessly stylish: Powerful Magura hydraulic brakes curb the E-Bike's power masterfully, a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal gear hub promises virtually maintenance-free gear changes and with mudguards, a stand, frame lock and lighting system permanently installed the Citybike is ready for everyday use in all conditions. The Suntour suspension forks and suspension seatpost help to create additional comfort in every way. Good for when you're on the go.

Thanks to the modern, unique appearance you'll certainly get some envious glances with the Ena7. But don't mind them, you're privileged to ride a bike which is part of the future of E-mobility. Get on, feel good and enjoy the permanent tailwind from the Bosch drive.

Please note: This bike is suitable for a total weight of up to 130kg.
Tuotenro: 476483
Käyttötarkoitus E-Cityrad
Runko System : Diamond frame | Material type : alumiini | Material : 6061 alumiini
Moottori Brand : Bosch | Type : Bottom bracket motor | Performance : 250 watt
Paristo Type : Lithium-Ion
Etuhaarukka System : joustohaarukka | Brand : Suntour
Jousitettu haarukka (mm) Travel : 50 mm
Vaihteisto Gear type : Internal geared hub | Gear No. : 7 | Brand : Shimano | Type : Nexus 7
Vaihdevipu Brand : Shimano | Type : Nexus 7
Kampisarja Type : Aluminium | Translation sheet 1 : 18
Ketjut Brand : KMC | Type : Z-610
Etujarrut Brand : Magura | System : Hydraulic rim brake
Takajarrut Brand : Magura | System : Hydraulic rim brake
Ohjaustanko Brand : XLC
Ohjainkannatin Brand : XLC | System : Taper | Adjustable angles : kyllä
Satulatolppa System : patentti | Diameter : 31.6 mm | Material : alumiini
Takanapa Brand : Shimano | Type : Nexus 7
Rengaskoko (Inch) 28 Inch
Vanteet Brand : Mach1 | Material : alumiini | System : holle kamer
Eturengas Brand : Schwalbe | Size : 28 Inch | Tire width : 40 mm
Takarengas Brand : Schwalbe | Size : 28 Inch | Tire width : 40 mm
Tavarateline Brand : Racktime | Material : Aluminium
Seisontatuki System : Rear stay stand
Lokasuojat Material : Plastic
Takavalo Brand : B&M
Etuvalo Brand : Herrmans | System : LED
Paino (approx. kg) 26.8 approx. kg
Total weight (approx. kg) 130 approx. kg
vuosimalli 2017
Tuotenro 476483
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