Marmot Plasma 30 makuupussi long , harmaa/vihreä (2016)

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Marmot continues to be pioneer new methods and the Plasma is at the forefront. Advances in fabric, insulation, and design put the Plasma ahead of the pack. Lightweight, water-resistant, and breathable fabric form a protective shell to keep the elements at bay. The 875+ fill-power down has been given the Down Defender treatment which gives it increased protection from moisture.

Down Defender:
Marmot Down Defender is an insurance policy for your down garments and sleeping bags. This specially treated highly water-resistant down offers an extra level of moisture protection for down garments and sleeping bags exposed to wet environments. Down Defender helps prevent down from clumping and losing its loft when exposed to water, thereby greatly increasing its ability to keep you warm and comfortable.

    Stays drier 10 times longer than untreated down
    Maintains 150% more loft than untreated down in damp conditions
    Dries 30% faster than untreated down
    Treatment is PFOA and PFOS free
    Bluesign approved

Marmot Down:
Down is in Marmots DNA. Since the time the company was founded Marmot having been producing quality down jackets, vests, and sleeping bags. Marmot uses only the best quality down for their outdoor products. Climbers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world rely on the warmth and comfort offered by Marmots down products.

875+ Fill Power Goose Down:
The fill power number indicates the fluffiness of the down. This means how many cubic inches one ounce of down occupies. A higher number means greater heating capacity.

Pertex Quantum:
Pertex Quantum uses incredibly fine yarns, precisely woven to provide a very lightweight yet strong and durable fabric. Its softness allows down and synthetic insulation to fully loft.

Insotect Flow:
The vertical partition wall system with longitudinal chambers reduces weight and transmits heat from the trunk region to the extremities.

Valitettavasti tuoteselostetta ei ole tällä hetkellä saatavilla suomeksi.

  • Outer fabric: Pertex Quantum 15d (nylon ripstop)
  • Material lining: Pertex Quantum 15d (nylon ripstop)
  • Down Defender (improved water resistance of the down)
  • certified 875+ fill power down in accordance with EN Standard
  • better heat distribution through vertical chambers with Insotect Flow Technology
  • improved thermal performance without added weight
  • ultra light and robust Pertex Quantum Material
  • Wrap-around foot box for better heating capacity
  • Zipper along the entire length
  • insulated zipper cover
  • Hood with drawstring
  • no velcro in the facial region
  • 2-way zipper
  • Two hang loops
  • Zipper Garage
  • Foot size: 117 cm
  • Packing volume: 3.88 litres
  • Tuotenro: 393357
Kausi 3-season sleeping bag
Makuupussi Kategoria : höyhenmakuupussi | Muoto : muumiomuotoiltu
Suositeltu lämpötila Maalämpötila : 0.3 °C | Vähimmäislämpötila : -14.5 °C
Materiaali Pintamateriaali : nailon | Pintamateriaalin yksityiskohdat : 100 % Nylon | Vuorin materiaali : nailon | Vuori materiaalin yksityiskohdat : 100 % Nylon | Täyte : hanhen untuva
Fill power (cuin) 875 cuin
Paino Makuupussi : 727 g | Filling : 352 g
Mitat Makuupussi (P x L1 x L2) : 229 x 157,5 x 152,4 cm | Body size : 198 cm | Mitat pakattuna (P x L) : 38,1 x 17,78 cm
vuosimalli 2016
Tuotenro 393357
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